Brooklyn Bred Emcee, Bizzy Bee Opens Up About Music & Film Pursuits

Let’s Get Bizzy: My Conversation with Bizzy Bee

This past weekend I had the pleasure of talking to Brooklyn’s own Bernard Smith, more commonly known as Bizzy Bee, a talented artist and director. In 2010, he along with a group of his closest friends created Bizzy Bee Productions. He later began filming for First Look Sessions, filming showcases.

A student of the game, Bizzy has been pursuing music since he was 15 years old.  In 2011 he released his debut mixtape, Instrumental Crazy Vol. 1.  His latest release, is an EP titled, Six Series, a  themed project based on him being raised in the 6th Walk of Kingsborough Projects in Brooklyn, New York.  The raps on the project are paired with Drake instrumentals, highlighting the opposite worlds of the 6th Walk and The 6.
I had some questions for the multi-faceted young artist on his rise and the pursuit of music infamy.  Catch the Parlé Mag conversation with Bizzy Bee below.

Parlé Mag: Your flow is super old school, who inspired you the most?
Bizzy Bee: Well, pretty much when I was coming up I idolized DMX, he had a direct impact on my career.  I also have always looked up to guys like Styles P and Noreaga.

Bizzy Bee
Parlé Mag:
 Why the name Bizzy Bee? I know that name’s already been used in Hip-Hop… by a legend.
Bizzy Bee:  I was given the name by my older cousin when I was young. Anytime she saw me, I was always running around and she would call me bizzy bee, so I stuck to it and now I live the name. Unfortunately, I know one day I may have to change my name for legal issues but I’m hoping that it works out with no major issues.

Parlé Mag: I feel you, what would you say your favorite album ever is?
Bizzy Bee: Wow, uh, damn hold up let me think… I gotta go with A Gangsta and a Gentleman by Styles P.

Parlé Mag: What’s your favorite movie?
Bizzy Bee: Fresh. It’s about a young boy from the hood who was a drug runner but decided that he wanted a better life for him and his sister so he made things happen to secure they place outside the hood Because it hit so close to home for me. At one point in time, I was ‘Fresh’… minus a few details of course.

Parlé Mag:
Who’s your favorite director?
Bizzy Bee: It’s between Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino.

Parlé Mag: What’s your favorite Tarantino movie?
Bizzy Bee: Pulp Fiction.

Parlé Mag: Such a classic, what was the name of the first song you wrote?
Bizzy Bee:  The first song I ever wrote was called “Don’t Forget Me” and it was a dark track. When I was younger, I used to write whenever I felt a way. The song was pretty much like a release for me hoping that if I die anytime soon, nobody forgets me. I just wanted to be remembered for the achievements I’ve done.

Parlé Mag:
What do you think makes someone a rapper and what draws the distinction between a rapper and a poet?
Bizzy Bee: Well, the word rap derives from being able to pull people in to what you’re saying. Rappers take what they do and apply to different sounds that they feel comfortable with, while a poet can go out and write whatever they want.

Parlé Mag:
Why’d you get into directing?  How did that transition come about?
Bizzy Bee:  In high school, I used to bring my camcorder and record us having cyphers, battles, and our talent shows. It was illegal to film on the grounds so my asst. principal introduced me to this film company that helped teens get into film. I literally got into filmmaking because I wanted to help people spread their messages. I started back when videos weren’t the norm for artists and was too expensive to get a high quality video so I wanted to be that outlet.


Parlé Mag: I see, what’s your dream scenario: world-renowned movie director or world-renowned rapper?
Bizzy Bee:  Probably a director. As much as I love music, being a director helps send the message out even more.

Parlé Mag:
I completely understand where you’re coming from. If either of those scenarios were to come true, what type of legacy and message would you like to leave with you?
Bizzy Bee: Just to help spread the love man. You have to pay it forward. You have the opportunity to make opportunities for other people.

Parlé Mag:
If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist in the world right now who would it be?
Bizzy Bee: I think I’d have to go with Common.

Bizzy Bee
Bizzy Bee with his business partner Yomen and his artist Millszy Starr

Parlé Mag:
Talk to me about BBP and what your goals are with your music team?
Bizzy Bee:  My goals as an artist is to be known as one of the best artists/entertainers to come out of Brooklyn. As a team, I plan to resurrect my film company in full and become a one stop shop for artists who are coming up. I have two artists under me—Millszy Star & Jace Me—so they’re my priority outside of my own music at the moment. I have my team crafting our return to the film world as we speak

Parlé Mag:
What does success look like for Bizzy Bee?
Bizzy Bee:  Success looks like… a thank you. Appreciation for contributions made to the craft and the people in it.

Parlé Mag:
What can we expect in the future from you?
Bizzy Bee:  Just expect me to cover the market when it comes to film or when it comes to music. I need to seize the opportunity.

Bizzy Bee is currently embarking on his Legends In The Making Tour 2016-17.  He’ll be hitting up several cities in the coming days and weeks.  Check him out on social media for dates and cities.

Listen to Bizzy Bee “Clowning” here…


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