Potential and Virtual Gold Mine: Pitching “Legends Mode” in NBA 2K17

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Ideas To Play With For Upcoming “Legends Mode” in NBA 2k17

As we approach the release of the most anticipated basketball simulator every year, I provide an insight on what would be an incredible opportunity for the developers at NBA 2K17 should provide us in the upcoming game.


Legends Mode provides the opportunity to relive moments of the greatest, most beloved, and most hated stars of the modern day era. Reminiscent of NBA 2K12’s “Greatest Mode” delivered 15 challenges consisting of 15 different greats ranging from Bill Russell to Michael Jordan, pitting them against teams with the likes of Jerry West’s blue-donning Lakers and a rookie ‘Zo led Charlotte Hornets team. How ironic.


My concept of Legends Mode pitches the idea of being able to play out games with players like Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, so on and so forth. Without further ado, let me begin.

Kobe Bryant

Matchup: 2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers vs. 2008-09 Orlando Magic


NBA 2K17 Scenario: Kobe has led the Lakers to their second consecutive NBA Finals and are by far the favorites to redeem themselves after their championship round letdown to the franchise rival Celtics the year prior.
Matched up against a Dwight Howard led Magic team, Bryant is equipped with other worldly talent and a dynamic frontcourt mate in Pau Gasol to take Superman down.


Objective: Score 40+ points, grab 6+ rebounds, dish out 6+ assists, make 5+ 3-pointers, shoot at least 45% from the field, win the game.

LeBron James


Matchup: 2011-12 Miami Heat vs. 2011-12 Boston Celtics


NBA 2K17 Scenario: LeBron’s legacy is on the line, once again. Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, down 2-3 to the Boston Celtics and headed to their home-court to try and quiet down his haters Perform to the best of your abilities with King James against Rajon Rondo’s unpredictability and a group of aging superstars and take it to a Game 7 in South Beach.


Objective: Score 45+ points, grab 15+ rebounds, dish out 5+ assists, shoot at least 73% from the field, win the game.


Tim Duncan


Matchup: 2005-06 San Antonio Spurs vs. 2005-06 Dallas Mavericks


NBA 2K17 Scenario: Timmy D and his Spurs are trying to revive themselves from a 3-1 deficit against the eventual Western Conference champion Dallas Mavericks, led by deadly German sharpshooter Dirk Nowitzki. Put losing out the window and force a game 6 in Dallas.


Objective: Score 36+ points, grab 12+ rebounds, record 3+ blocks and win the game.

Dwyane Wade

Matchup: 2008-09 Miami Heat vs. 2008-09 Chicago Bulls


NBA 2K17 Scenario: Flash shows his hometown Chicago Bulls led by star rookie Derrick Rose whose house it is. In what was an overtime thriller and most infamous game in Dwyane Wade’s career, he takes over and piles it on when it matters most.


Objective: Score 48+ points, dish out 12+ assists, record 4+ steals and 5+ 3 pointers, and win the game.


Dirk Nowitzki

Matchup: 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks vs 2010-11 Oklahoma City Thunder


NBA 2K17 Scenario: Coming off the sweep of the reigning champion Lakers, take complete control early in the Western Conference Finals against the young and exciting Thunder team, led by scoring superstar Kevin Durant and the dynamic Russell Westbrook.


Objective: Score 48+ points, shoot 100% from the line, win the game.



Shaquille O’ Neal


Matchup: 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers vs. 2001-02 Sacramento Kings


NBA 2K17 Scenario: Force a Game 7 on the Diesel’s home floor against the Lakers division rival Sacramento Kings led by the dominant Chris Webber backed up by sharpshooting guards and wings spreading the floor in one

of the most controversial and entertaining playoff series in league history.


Objective: Score 41+ points and grab 17+ rebounds, shoot 56+ percent from the field, win the game.

Kevin Garnett


Matchup: 2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves vs. 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers


NBA 2K17 Scenario: Put the team on The Big Ticket’s shoulders as you devour a star studded Lakers squad equipped by with Kobe, Shaq, Gary Payton, and Karl Malone.


Objective: Score 30+ points, grab 19+ rebounds, win the game.


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