Two Weeks Into His Presidency, Welcome To Trumpland

Government Gentrification On the Rise As Trump Seeks To Be a god

Its has been two weeks now into the Trump presidency and we can start to see how some of this is shaping out. For a lot of us we have that feeling in our stomach that we get right after a roller coaster reaches the top of the incline and dumps us into a free fall. Only, unlike the roller coaster, where we know this ride is only going to last for 2 minutes, we have years to be on this ride with President Trump and this ride does not come with safety measures.

Government Gentrification

Just where do I start?  Let’s begin with how President Trump has regrettably been underestimated. Starting with the election, for months all we heard was this man is not serious, but he had a plan and we never bothered to look at the set up. In 2012 Trump figured out how he could become the next president and in all honesty, the way he went about executing it was pretty genius.


After Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election, Donald Trump realized that if he could get the four million voters that Romney could not get that would pretty much assure him the presidency. In addition, that is exactly what he set out to do and those roughly four million voters were the undercarriage of the American society—the very people who would never vote for a woman, a Black person or a Mormon like Romney. To cement their support, Donald Trump toured the country speaking their language.


Now he is the president of the United States and with that comes all kinds of questions for many communities across this country. Dealing with the Black community when we hear how Donald trump is thinking about sending the national guard into Chicago we have to ask ourselves what is the true meaning behind this.  First of all, it would be a hard slap in the face of President Obama if Donald Trump could then hold press conference after press conference declaring to the world that he did what Obama could not do in cleaning up the South Side of Chicago.


But that’s just the set up!  Let’s look deeper into what’s really going on.  That property on the South Side of Chicago is prime real estate and what Donald Trump is proposing is nothing more than government gentrification. Let’s not forget that Donald trump has property in Chicago and anything that will inflate his bottom line is what Trump is for primarily.


Secondly, if this tactic works every other major city in the United States will be clamoring for Donald Trump to come in their city and do the same thing.  As long as it makes financial sense Trump would take his national guard fixer-upper program across the country because of the money it would generate for… Trump. It would also make him look god-like in the eyes of his supporters. They would take to the streets and proclaim how Trump came in and cleaned up the streets of America, thus “making America great again.” But at what cost?  It’s clear that those same supporters would not be able to afford living in those cities anymore because that’s how gentrification works.


Now in all of this government gentrification would the black community be able to get a leg up? What need to happen is when they take that property and start selling it for pennies on the dollar, we as blacks need to pool our money together and buy that property! We should try to buy as many buildings on city blocks as we can because we cannot continue to think that marching and singing in the streets is going to change anything. We have to be aggressive and tactical; we have to show that we know how to play the game ourselves. If not we will become a lost generation trying the same old methods from the 1950s, that clearly just do not work anymore.


Another thing that Donald Trump is going to do is push his trillion-dollar infrastructure deal through and create jobs on the front end, but once again, you have to look at the set up. He’s going to privatize this deal and look for investors, which he will promise payouts with more than triple the return in profit.   So if investors put up one hundred million, they will get a billion back. In that process Trump will create twenty five million new jobs that might pay a person twenty thousand a year, but he is going to be making four to five million off that job. However, no one will pay any attention to that and once again, he will be seen as god-like.


The problem is once he’s considered god-like he will have free reign to do whatever he wants politically.


In addition, we have to look at this set up of dismantling the Department of Education and the EPA and other federal agencies. To some it looks good on the surface, but let’s take a closer look. When they take away all of these federal agencies out of the states that means that we will have moved back to states’ rights.


For those thinking it will have no impact on them, the concept of state’s rights will affect so many of us. Right now there are laws that state’s cannot enact because of federal guidelines, like discrimination laws, voting laws, policing tactics, etc.  When you take federal funding out of the state, the federal government no longer has a say in what the individual states do.  We could very well see some outrageous draconian laws being enacted and there would be no one to stop them.


We have to look past all of the fodder and rhetoric and focus on the set up that’s coming our way.  Its time to put aside all the discontent we have within the Black community because very real situations are headed our way and if we don’t prepare and work as one we will all be caught up in something we will never recover from. Think about having to count how many bubbles are on a bar of soap again just to vote. Or being stopped on the street for being Black and there is nothing you can do about it because states run the show without any federal oversight.


Its time wake up Black America, in Trumpland and a world of Government Gentrification.


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