[WATCH] Nicki Minaj Releases The Controversial Video For “No Frauds”

No Frauds video

Nicki Minaj’s NO FRAUDS Video Is Finally Here

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more ‘fraudulent’, Nicki Minaj has dropped the official video to her track, “No Frauds”, featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. The well over five-minute track–which serves as a response to Remy Ma‘s diss track, “Shether”, started a social media frenzy when it was first released last month. The 34-year-old came back with guns blazing, reclaiming her self-proclaimed title as the ‘Queen of Rap’, and setting the record straight for all who may have been a little confused. Now, Minaj has decided to hush all of the naysayers, once and for all, with a conspicuous No Frauds video.

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Directed by Benny Boom, the video starts off in a vintage, royal-like setting, emphasizing the regal high back king and queen thrones, swords, and crowns. The scene then switches to the New York emcee sitting in front of London’s Big Ben clock tower, staring right into the camera as she’s singing the hook. Throughout the video, the Anaconda rapper is seen around various locations in the British city, including a club and even the catwalk of a few storefronts. Rocking Alexander McQueen-inspired head and mask pieces, Minaj’s glammed out attire definitely adds to the occasion. However, things get pretty interesting when we see Remy Ma’s close friend, former Love & Hip Hop: New York star, Rashidah ‘Rah’ Ali, making a surprise cameo.

“Shenehneh, you a fraud committing perjury; I got before and after pictures of your surgery. Rah took you to her doc, but you don’t look like Rah. Left the operating table, still look like ‘nah.'” She raps while Ali quickly flashes across the screen in an all black dress.

The appearance came as a shock to many, leading fans to question Ali’s loyalty to Remy Ma. We’ve somewhat seen the extent of Rashidah Ali and Remy Ma’s friendship on previous episodes of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

According to Ali, she says she and Minaj were friends before the beef came up between the two rap ladies. So, we’d say it’s quite unreasonable to assume that she’d immediately cut all ties with Minaj. However, we’re pretty sure that it looks a little shady to Remy to see one of her used-to-be closest friends, appearing in a video for a diss track about her. Maybe they had a conversation about it beforehand, though? Well, who knows.

“Nicki and I met each other several years ago. We both like each other’s photos and comment on Instagram; we also have mutual friends. I shouldn’t have to hide my friendship with her just because Remy and her have a beef.” Ali explained when asked about the situation. “I am not working with Nicki out of spite or payback. Nicki and I were friendly long before the beef unfolded with Remy.”

She also mentioned that she hasn’t said anything bad about Remy Ma and would never, although she clearly states that the deterioration of their friendship took place in season six of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

We’re not sure where their friendship stands as of now, but we do hope that the three ladies could someday squash all beef.

Though the video has caused quite a bit of controversy online already, it was nice to see Weezy and Drizzy back on the scene together. While Drizzy was seen getting cozy with the Queen Barb, the video ended with King Weezy sitting alongside Minaj, complimenting her Queen position.

Watch the official NO FRAUDS video below!

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