Scandals Galore: Kevin Hart and the Internet’s Verdict

Kevin Hart Cheating

Rumors of Kevin Hart Cheating On His Pregnant Wife Surfaced & A Firestorm Followed

There is a wildfire blazing on the Internet.  Well, three, to be exact.  There’s the reports of Usher allegedly paying off a woman over a million dollars for giving her herpes, the scandal of R. Kelly and his alleged sex cult in which he’s been accused of brainwashing poor young girls – and then there’s Kevin Hart cheating.  The Internet has been in a stir over the recent release of footage that seems to incriminate Kevin Hart by showing him making out with an unknown woman.

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The footage, released on Instagram, showed Hart in close quarters with the unknown woman in a car.  Though there has been some debate on whether or not the couple were being intimate, there is no question that it has given twitter, and other media outlets, more than enough to talk about.

In short, Hart has been beleaguered by attacks from all angles.  There has been a lot of debate over whether the 38-year old comedian is cheating on his very much pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, or whether it’s all speculation.  Since the release of the footage, Hart has laughed off the accusations and dismissed them as ‘BS’, though he still seems to be in the hot seat.

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Some say that Hart’s new beau has had it coming a long time in karma, and some others dismiss the claims, saying that media outlets are making something out of nothing.  Regardless, the many tweets and comments provide somewhat of a window into the Internet’s verdict on the matter.  See some of the outrageous tweets and comments below.


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