14 Questions with the People’s Republic Champ: Runway Richy

Meet New Orleans Born, Atlanta Bred Rapper, Runway Richy

With the success of his very popular DC Young Fly hosted China Cafeteria project, the People’s Republic champ, Runway Richy, is definitely no stranger to adversity. Just three short days after the release of said effort, the ATL rapper tragically suffered debilitating injuries as a result of a terrible car accident, in which the rising star actually had to relearn how to walk again.

Less than a year and a half later, a fully rehabilitated Richy is back with a brand new single/video, “Switchin Sides” featuring the Trap God himself, Gucci Mane.  The track comes from his soon-to-be unleashed follow-up collection, Cafeteria 2.5: House Special.

We caught up with Runway Richy to talk about the new music and much more.

Parlé Mag: 
Tell me your whole inception into music.  When did you first become interested in it?
Runway Richy:  Being born in New Orleans, you was introduced to music from the womb! *Chuckles* I always liked music and knew I could do it. It was on me to take it seriously.

Parlé Mag: 
Growing up in the Decatur, GA who all did you consider to be your strongest musical influences?
Runway Richy: Gucci Mane, Andre 3000, Soulja Slim, Tity Boi  [2 Chainz] – I was rocking with him before the name change – UGK, Master P, Wayne, Pac… we can sit here all day and name artists who have influenced me.

Parlé Mag: 
At what point in time, specifically, did you even opt to pursue music on a professional level?
Runway Richy: Everybody around my local area was blowing up; like Crime Mob and Lil Scrappy, when I was younger. So I saw it can be a reality. Then my boy, B.o.B, got a deal and a couple years later he’s riding in a Lambo! I started really taking things more seriously than the past. I still wasn’t 100% all the way in; I still had my foot in the streets.

Parlé Mag: 
Where does your moniker originally derive from?
Runway Richy: My name came from one of my OG patnas. If anyone knows me, I’m always talking shit, “ taking off!” One day I was out talking shit, and he was like your name should be “Take Off Shawty,” or better yet Runway Richy. It was something about the name I liked. I took it on the next day, and here we are .

Parlé Mag: 
With that being said, how do you classify your overall sound and/or style?
Runway Richy: I think I really just found my sound on my forthcoming release, China Cafeteria 2.5: House Special. It’s a little more laid back sonically, but the lyrics are still aggressive. My sound kind of fits my personality; laid back, but don’t get it twisted I’ll be on your head if needed.

Parlé Mag: 
Your latest entry is the Gucci Mane assisted “Switchin Sides” — How did it come together?
Runway Richy: The record is actually two years old. I walked in the studio one day and Saucelord Rich of Fki and Matt his guitarist was in there cooking up. I sat down and started writing in my phone. By the time the record was finished, I was like, “I’m ready!” Gucci feature came from some personal shit. One of my people reached out to one of his people. I sent the song while he was in the studio, he recorded it (and) we shot the movie two weeks later. I literally was in Texas at SXSW when I got the call that he wants to shoot the joint this week. I had to leave Texas, fly back to ATL (to) shoot the video and come back to Texas the next day.

Parlé Mag: What does that title: China Cafeteria 2.5: House Special represent?
Runway Richy: China Cafeteria represents the people where I’m from; the struggle in most cases. You can feed a whole family with $10. It’s so many different walks of life that come through those doors. I’m just a narrator to there stories.

Parlé Mag: 
What do you want people to get from your music?
Runway Richy: Just be inspired to win. Know that you can make it through anything if you work hard and keep God first.

Parlé Mag: 
If you could collaborate with any one artist, living or dead, who would it be?
Runway Richy: For a verse Soulja Slim, for a track; Pharrell and Prince collaboration with Aaliyah on the hook.

Parlé Mag: 
If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose?
Runway Richy: Wembley Stadium! The reason is because I know I made it to a whole other level if I made it there.

Parlé Mag: 
Do you have any other outside/additional future aspirations, maybe even completely away from music?
Runway Richy: Besides taking people money on the basketball court, it’s mainly music now and a little acting. I made my acting debut in Hottlanta the movie.

Parlé Mag: 
To date, what has been your biggest career moment, at least thus far anyway?
Runway Richy: Past SXSW, I was mobbed by a couple of people screaming my name. Shit was crazy! And lately, everywhere I go people notice me or I hear my single more and more when I’m out.

Parlé Mag: 
For someone, like myself for instance, who has yet to witness you performing live…what exactly would you tell that person could be expected from it?
Runway Richy: All out exciting show! I do whatever comes to mind on stage.

Parlé Mag: 
As for the immediate, what’s next for Runway Richy?
Runway Richy: World Domination… and me helping the world.

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