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Royce Lovett Provides Listeners with Nourishment For The Soul

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Rising Sensation Royce Lovett Uses His Musical Platform To Radiate Love & Light

While some people may be late to his music, rising star, Royce Lovett is stealing the hearts of all of his listeners with his soulful and mesmerizing voice, while delivering a powerful and positive message.

When most people listen to music, they do so from the standpoint of having something to relate to and feeling understood. This is something only a true artist understands about their fans and strives to deliver to them, but just as today’s times are changing, so is the music that is being created. The music we hear on the radio is constantly evolving, with the times that we are living in, and, although most of these songs can still be related to, or, at least, provide a glimpse into a lifestyle that we would like to relate to, they don’t always provide nourishment for the soul.

One thing for certain, there are still artists who are aiming to deliver that to the world. Some may not be familiar with his name yet, but Royce Lovett is doing just that, as he is on a mission to deliver music with a message that adds value to your life.

The Motown Gospel inspirational artist is focused on spreading positivity and love through his craft and into the hearts of many. He relates to and recognizes the struggles that people face, whether it be on a small or larger scale. The goal is for him to use his music in a way that lets people know that things will get better if you remain positive and open to love.

Lovett acknowledges that you cannot help a person if they do not want to help themselves, but he believes that if he can be a positive motivating force in a person’s life through music, then his purpose is served.

The latest album from Royce Lovett, titled Love & Other Dreams, was recently released on July 14th. The concept of the album touches the reality of life–which is that there will be bad days and there will be good days, but, throughout it all, we must remain optimistic and full of love.

The seven-song EP is written and produced by Max Stark (Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann and The Walls Group) and co-written by Royce Lovett. The lead single released off the album is “Up For Love”.  Setting the tone for the project, the single offers an inspirational sound and highlights love. The purpose behind the song is to make you question your purpose for waking up every day while helping you become awake and aware of life and your reason for being here. It is also meant to encourage growth and reaching the highest level of love. Lovett says of “Up For Love”, “When listeners hear this, I hope they walk away feeling encouraged and heroic.” He continues, “I don’t think music changes people. That comes from within. I do think that music can push them over the edge and bring them closer together, though.”

The positivity that Lovett radiates through his music is the same vibe that you will receive from him at his performances. From the moment he starts singing, you can hear it in his voice and see it in his face that he puts his heart and soul into his music, making sure his fans and those listening for the first time can actually walk away from his performance feeling encouraged and heroic. You can expect to hear a mix of inspirational Soul, Hip-Hop, poetry, eclectic instrument, and Gospel.

Despite being known, these days, for his soulful singing voice, when Royce Lovett first began getting involved in music, he did so exclusively through Hip-Hop, which was the central sound of his hometown, Tallahassee, Florida, at the time. The motto of the small town was ‘if you’re Black, you listened to Hip-Hop or you rapped, and you definitely didn’t play the guitar or sing.’ [T-Pain is also from Tallahassee.]

Based on the higher level of respect that he initially received for rapping over singing, Lovett began his career as a rapper. As he got older and was introduced to different sounds of music and artist–like Lauryn Hill, his ears became more open to different sounds of music and he started falling in love with poetry.

Growing up in a church oriented household, which often played Christian music, Michael Jackson and classics, such as Marvin Gaye, also had a strong effect on the sound of Lovett’s music. Being that he was fascinated with all different types of music, including the different sounds of instruments, he began to learn them separately before eventually meshing everything together to create his own unique genre bending style.

Royce Lovett
Between his profound singing voice, his seamless ability to play the guitar and his funky beatboxing skills, on and off the stage, his talent is undeniable. He takes the crowd’s attention and gets them moving while, at the same time, giving them nourishment for the soul through his music. Although Lovett’s music isn’t what you would typically hear on the radio, he is constantly building a name for himself and striving to be heard wherever he can. He has also toured and performed alongside music artists such as Wale, Vince Staples, and George Clinton and P-Funk in between working on his own music career.

The way that Lovett graces the stage and takes control, it’s no surprise that music was always second nature to him. Growing up around an uncle who sung and a mother who sung in the church and possessed an amazing singing voice of her own, music was something Royce Lovett always looked at a part of his life. Even though he was exposed to music and began singing at a young age, it wasn’t until 2003 when Lovett began to take himself more seriously as an emcee. As he was trying to figure out his purpose in life, he gained more of an interest in God, which eventually led him to believe that his purpose in life was to create music.

Although the music Lovett creates is beautiful, there is an ugly side that people don’t get to see. Most people think that music artist, or celebrities in general, live an easier life than those who aren’t, but what they fail to realize, at times, is that these celebrities and entertainers are human beings, as well, and they go through struggles, too. No matter who you are, the journey to success will have its up and downs. It takes emotional and mental strength, as well as patience.

For Lovett, the hardest challenge that he has faced and still faces is growth, especially when he was an indie artist. Growth is a challenge, and putting yourself in an environment or doing something you’ve never done before is uncomfortable but in order to grow, you have to be uncomfortable. The change of going from being an indie artist to being signed requires growth and being uncomfortable, at least, at first.

“Growing hurts, and growing has to happen. If you don’t grow, then nothing happens. So, in the beginning, I had to learn different things as an indie artist. How to value myself, how to value my time, how to find a balance or continue to try to always find a balance between road and family,” Lovett explained. “Then when you get signed to a label, understanding patience, understanding what a team is, all these things I had no concept of because when you’re indie, mostly everybody on your team are artists themselves, so you can’t really get the focus that you get at a label sometimes. So, learning that concept of waiting and patience and teamwork, and the art of communication and the art of understanding, that’s been the hard part.”

With the message that Royce Lovett is putting out and receiving, he will only continue to get bigger and better as he grows. He is currently on tour and still adding dates, which can be found online. His goal for 2017 is to continue shining light on his name and delivering his message to different communities through music, or, as I like to call, it is nourishment for the soul.

Watch The New Visual From Royce Lovett For “Runnin'”


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