Pro Tips For Surviving This Year’s Biggest Festivals

Biggest Festivals

It’s summer which can only mean one thing: festival season is officially upon us. Whether you’re heading to the hedonistic bacchanalia that is Burning Man or just planning on camping out in the woods to listen to your favorite old-school country bands, there’s no denying that you and your friends are probably in the deep grip of biggest festivals mania, and are barely able to contain your excitement. While there are few things in life better than a good music festival, things can also go wrong at these events.

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You want to make sure you have the best time possible and create some memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime, so it’s key that you take the right precautions beforehand to make sure nothing stupid and avoidable ruins your good time. From personal hygiene to safety and even your eye health, here are a few simple life tips to take with you in order to stay as fresh as possible this festival season.


There are few tropes more worn than the image of the perpetually muddy festival dweller, who hasn’t showered in days and prefers to save all the little things like deodorizing and brushing their teeth until after the festival. Don’t be that person. The last thing anyone wants when they’re jamming front-row to the artist they’ve dreamed of seeing since they were a child is having to deal with intense body odour and flicks of sweat from a stranger. Although festival shower facilities usually leave something to be desired, you can avoid that ordeal by bringing along some cheap essentials like dry shampoo, body sanitizer (yes, it’s a thing) and that cherished accessory of any seasoned festivalgoer, a multi-pack of baby wipes. These simple items will leave you feeling less like a disgusting mess and more fresh and confident when you’re in that crowd.

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Look After Your Body

Festivals can be intense times, where we tend to throw our norms out the window and decide to live like animals for a few days, sleeping in the dirt and basically eating trash. However the last thing you want is to get sick, so keep on top of your health by packing some nutritious food, plenty of water to avoid passing out in the sun, and of course as much sunscreen as you can carry. It’s also important to look after your eyes, so as well as packing some quality protective shades, you’ll also need some good contacts, so don’t put off buying lenses online until the last minute. If you’re reading this right before you head off to Tomorrowland and realise you haven’t stocked up on solution, don’t fret and just head to Vision Direct, where you can order by 8pm to receive tomorrow. Even if you normally use glasses or monthly lenses, we recommend daily lenses for festivals, as the most practical and hygienic option for the circumstances. The one thing you don’t want for your memories of your fave DJ being quite literally blurred because you couldn’t see (that and cataracts).

Stay Safe!

This is a no-brainer but one that all-too-often gets overlooked. Crime of every level happens at festivals, but just a little caution can keep you safe. Avoid heading off to isolated wooded spots alone, keep your belongings closely with you at all times, and don’t be afraid to report anything suspicious to the on-hand festival staff, as they’re always super happy to help!

If you have any pro tips for future festival goers, let them know in the comments!