[TRAILER] ‘Snowfall’ Series Returns To FX For Season 2

Second Season Of Snowfall Set To Air In July

Get ready to tune into the return of one of FX’s hottest shows, Snowfall, which is set to air its second season on Thursday, July 19 at 10 PM Snowfall will continue its story which shines a light on a crack cocaine epidemic and its impact on society.

John Singleton, creator of Snowfall says “It’s an untold story. It’s the story about how cocaine changed Los Angeles. There’s a whole kind of oral history, folk tale about this era. And no one has dramatized it. I wanted to do that. It’s a nostalgic show. But very, very edgy.”

The show consists of Damson Idris who plays Franklin Saint, Carter Hudson who plays Teddy McDonald, Sergio Perez-Mencheta taking on the role of Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, and Emily Rios playing Lucia Villanueva.

During the season one finale viewers watched closely to see the remainder of players in the game be put to a test. Franklin, Gustavo, and Teddy who seemed to be the ones moving the slowest during the beginning of the season finally showed just how far they have actually come near the end with Franklin and Gustavo being the ones who gained the most growth. This left viewers wondering what was next in store.

To start season two off the show will continue with the same characters as they become apart of the 1984 mosaic of Los Angeles. With each of them still working towards their own personal goals, we can expect the show to open up with Franklin facing a struggle as he tries to keep up with the growing demands of his organization, Teddy’s support from the CIA will be cut and Lucia will feel the pressure to expand her business as she tries to impress a dangerous new partner.

You can get a look at the trailer here:

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