Culture Events That Defined the 00s

The 00s were an interesting time of experimentation of a strange sort of innocence. This was likely because the 00s were remarkable for one major reason: social media was born. From Myspace to Facebook, these platforms meant the start of the average day person becoming a micro-celebrity of their own. Big name celebrities still made headlines of course (Britney Spears being a notable example) and the term influencer might not yet have been coined, but we were just getting started with sharing our lives online. We were partaking in the global world for the first time on a personal level.

When it comes to cultural events that defined the 00s, the highlights can be found below:

The Final Harry Potter Book

Harry Potter grew up with a generation, and the final book was eagerly waited for by everyone. For some, this might have meant lining up in front of the book store, for others, it meant pre-ordering and then being disappointed when demand was still so high, there was a huge delay. The book certainly pulled through, however, and though it could arguably have been condensed into one move, the final few acts were a fitting end to a golden era.

Lord of the Rings

Alongside the Harry Potter craze was the Lord of the Rings movies, which brought a new level of high fantasy to the big screen. Between Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, it is safe to say the 00s were a fantasy decade.

The iPod is First Introduced

In 2001 music changed forever. No longer did you have to carry around a Walkman and bring your CDs with you or create a mixtape of your own. Now you could put multiple CDs on one device, create playlists, and even play old games.

Facebook was Launched

The start of an era and a multi-billion dollar company began in the humble year of 2004. Since then it has become so big it has bought out much of its competition, including Instagram and Whatsapp.

YouTube was Launched

On Valentine’s Day 2005 YouTube was launched, and the face of traditional media was never the same.

Fashion At Its Greatest (and Worst)

The fashion of the 00s was interesting, to say the least, and though your memory of the tube tops, low-rise jeans, and other huge style mistakes we made back then are burned forever in your mind, there were some gems that survive to this day. From bubble coats, to duffle coats, to other great retro jackets, these retro coats are fun, colourful, and exciting. Find them today online at to add these must-have pieces to your wardrobe.

Other key trends include layering t shirts underneath tank tops (today it’s under slip dresses or their shirt equivalents) and statement hair clips. From tinted glasses to those bohemian vibes – it’s safe to say that the more understated trends of the era are popular today.

The 00s might have been an interesting time, but culturally it was great, full of fun music and classics that carry on today.


Photo by Nicholas Santoianni on Unsplash

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