5 Tips On How To Find A Publisher For Your Book

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You’ve managed to turn your ideas into words and depict them masterfully. Congratulations, your book is now finished. No matter how many challenges you’ve encountered, the worst is yet to come. The next problem? Find a publisher.

It’s time to look for a publisher that will be able to promote your book in a viable book. There are so many things you have to worry about, so it can be hard to find your way.

Even if you find a publisher that has the resources to promote your title, they might ask you for permission to change parts of the book. Are you sure you want to compromise your art because of promotion? Of course not.

There are some people who will decide to go the independent route and release their book on their own.  Amazon marketing services for authors can help those writers.

To help you tread the confusing world of publishing, we’ve decided to analyze the five tips that will help you learn how to publish a book and find a publisher for your book. Implement them wisely.

Don’t go after the money

A lot of writers don’t have their priorities straight. They think that money will solve all the problems and jump quickly at the first hefty offer pitched by a publisher.

If multiple publishers are vying for your cooperation, never compare them according to only the money they offer. Of course, there are insulting offers as well, but you should look much deeper than that.

Other benefits oftentimes mean more than a one-time payment that will be everything you have if your book fails. Be careful. Money is not the sole thing that you should be chasing. It’s the appreciation from the people and the success of your work that matters.

Have a trustworthy agent

The agent’s job is to judge offers and fight for their best for their writer. To find a publisher for your book, make you hire an experienced agent first. They have knowledge about what to do during negotiations and what are some red flags that can disqualify a book publisher during an interview.

An agent has to guide you through the entire process to avoid unpleasant surprises. When talking to your agent, be clear about your desires. With clear directives, the agent will have a much easier time getting you the publishing deal you want.

Write a good book presentation
Find a publisher for your books
When meeting with publishers and representatives, it’s not enough to hand them the manuscript of the book and ask them to tell you how they feel. Instead, write an entire presentation.

If you don’t have time, you can contact a writing service to write you a synopsis and a presentation. It’s just like students seek professional help with essay writing.

The point of a good book presentation is to entice the publisher to read more and analyze it further. As they are attracted by the presentation, they will be under a positive impression. Use this opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

Meet the whole publishing team

There are many people involved in the publishing process. The editors, graphic designers and marketing experts are all on the team that will determine the success of your book.

Don’t be pressured to make the decision after just one meeting. Meet everyone and speak to them to get a clearer picture of the situation and whether you should trust them with their book.

In some cases, publishing houses send their best representatives to meetings, while the rest of their team is subpar at best. It’s your future and your art in question. You have every right to be inquisitive and do a full background check.

Go for specialized publishers

When publishing a book, some publishers have decided to devote all of their efforts to one particular genre. These are what we like to call “niche publishers”. If a particular publisher specializes in horror literature, they know how to get a book published and marketed, if it falls into the same genre.

Experience is everything in the publishing world. Go for established publishing houses that have transparent track records. Ask other writers about their experience. Don’t hesitate to use all the tools at your disposal.

Concluding thoughts

Before publishing a book, you need to think about your goals. If money is your priority, then you should go for the publisher that comes with the offer. However, there are cases where this one-time payment may “blind” you into rejecting contracts with much better incentives. Hire a good agent to help you with the decision process.

During the meeting, ask to meet the entire publishing team. Use your conversational skills to learn more about each sector of the organization, especially if it’s a specialized publisher. Do your work and you will have more than enough information to work with.

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