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Author Jessica N. Watkins is a publisher and best-selling author that should definitely be on your “must read” list. Jessica Watkins’ chronicles are nothing less than steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of African American Romance and Urban Fiction that we all love. One of Jessica’s fan favorites is Secrets of a Side Bitch, published by SBR Publications, that reached #1 on multiple lists and includes a series of 5 books.

Jessica N. Watkins has been an author of fiction literature since she was just nine years old. Eventually she used writing as an outlet during her freshman year of high school when she became a single mother.

Born in Chicago IL, Jessica Watkins obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from DePaul University and a Masters of Applied Professional Studies with focus in Business Administration from the same institution. Her books can be found on eBay, Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

She also runs, Jessica Watkins Presents, the publishing home of many urban fiction authors and one of the most successful publishing companies in recent years.

Author Jessica N. Watkins is an award winning boss, who has turned her passion for writing into a large brand.  Here’s more on the talented author.

Take a look at some of our favorite Jessica N. Watkins books below!

SNOW: A Love Story Fueled by Cocaine and Birthed in the Streets

Jessica N Watkins Snow book cover

Azu Wilson gave his oldest daughter the name Snow because she was born amongst his snowfall on the city of Gary, Indiana in 2001. Then, Azu had just begun to drop tons kilos of coke on the city, starting the birth of his empire.

Fast forward eighteen years later, Snow is Azu’s favorite girl and only daughter. She has been doted on by her father. Now, she is off to college with her best friends, Tristan and Bae. They hope that their move out of the violent streets of Chicago to Tallahassee will bring positive change to the brutally savage lives they have lived.

However, “wherever arms flow, violence follows”. Amongst the excitement of Freshman year, college parties, and pledging, Snow is forced to return to Chicago in order to rescue her family from sudden hardship and misery.

Unbeknownst to her, she receives the help that she needs from one of Azu’s most trusted crew members, Zo. Zo encourages her to make the biggest move of her life, as he falls violently for the brown-skinned beauty. Snow isn’t interested; however, her focus is on her family. Yet, having been raised by a hustla, wouldn’t she be moved to fall in love with one?

WHEN MY SOUL MET A THUG: A Stand-Alone Novel

Jessica N Watkins When My Soul Met A Thug book cover

True never guessed that life would be this hard. Being only twenty-five years old, she should have been being wild, reckless, and having fun, not fighting the hardest battle of her life, alongside a husband who no longer loved her.

After their divorce, True wanted to be free and enjoy every day. Falling in love was not in the plan. She most definitely hadn’t foreseen falling in love with an arrogant, womanizing hustler like Coop. Yet, she did. However, as soon as True tells him all her truth, he’ll revert back to that unbearable goon that wreaked havoc on the streets of Chicago.

Coop grew up an orphan, passed from foster home to foster home. A hustler, his right-hand man, was his only family. His love was the game. His side chick was money. Then he met True.

She filled gaps in his life that he didn’t even know needed filling. Looking at her, being in her presence, was like the first warm, sunny day after a brutal Chicago winter. Being with her felt like being lost in the right direction. Coop had thawed out his icy heart and given it to True… just for her to break it. True was gone, unable to fix what she’d broken, but, lucky for Coop, True found a way.

Remi has been with Banks for ten years. She remained loyal through every lie and infidelity in hopes that her patience and understanding will eventually bring her “happily ever after” with her one true love.

Finally, Banks gives her what she has always wanted… a ring. However, that ring came with such a devastating blow, leaving Remi unsure how she will ever recover… until she meets True and Coop. Unbeknownst to her, these two strangers will mend her broken heart and cause her life to never, ever be the same again.

  • This is a heart-wrenching, yet warming, story of broken women who find love in their darkest hours from the most unexpected and hardened hearts.


Jessica N Watkins Secrets of a Side Bitch book cover

He’s beautiful with gray eyes, tall, chocolate… and he’s worth fighting for. Meet Omari – a gorgeous, hardworking, twenty-eight-year-old man from the Southside of Chicago. No matter how hard he works at his job at UPS, it is never enough to take care of himself and his long-term girlfriend.

After continuous pressure from his older cousin, Ching, Omari finally traded in busting his ass for working under Ching hustling three major blocks on the Westside. All is good as Omari juggles work and the drug game. That is, until Ching involves him in the murder of, who ends up being, the governor’s nephew.

As he dodges homicide detectives, Omari is also trying to dodge getting caught between two loves. He’s been committed to Aeysha for seven years, but is falling each day for Simone, an older more established woman who is at his every beck and call.

After years of playing the side chick, Simone finally finds love that she thinks is all her own. Just as she settles into loving Omari, she finds out about Ayesha and her desperate mind begins to plot on how to finally win her man.

Simone’s best friend, Tammy, thinks Simone is crazy as she herself is running from an obsessed ex-boyfriend who is persistent in trying to kill her. Tammy lives in hiding for months as she asks herself this burning question; how can a man love a woman with the same hands that he is willing to kill her with?

As the murder investigation leads to arrests, the walls come down on these lovers. Murder, sex, and indictments lead to unforeseen tragedy and unexpected love.

Jessica N Watkins A Rich Man's Wife 2 book cover
Her most recent novel is the sequel to A Rich Man’s Wife.  The  book was released on April 27th.

A Rich Man’s Wife 2 Synopsis:

Law and Zuri met in the most unconventional way, but their connection was one of storybooks. It was genuine, poetic, and undeniable. However, haters will always ruin some shit. Learning what truly sent Law her way, Zuri cut off all ties with the man that had finally reminded her of what truly being unconditionally loved felt like.

Now, she is starting all over. She has divorced her cheating husband and exiled Law out of her life. She’s met a new man and is so ready for new beginnings. Yet, once again, haters despise seeing you happy. At a family dinner, her own sister spills some tea that is so hot that it will burn an irreparable hole in Zuri’s family and her heart. A family member’s unbelievable betrayal leaves Zuri reeling with despair. However, that is only the start of the whirlwind of treachery, scandal, and drama that’s engulfed in this finale.

Is kinship strong enough to birth forgiveness for unthinkable betrayal? Will Law gain his freedom in time to get his girl before she falls in love with her new beau? Those questions and so many more will be answered in A Rich Man’s Wife 2!


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