Things to Know When Buying Your First Car

A young individual’s first car is a real milestone and one of the first steps into proper adulthood and independence. As exciting as it is, there are some aspects you need to consider before jumping in and buying a vehicle. Is it better to buy a new car or a used car? How will you pay for it? What kind of financing options are out there? 

Whatever combination of options you choose to go with, it’s helpful to do your homework prior to making any big decisions, bearing in mind that some deals might sound too good to be true. Consider the following:


The benefits of a new car

When buying a car out of the box, you’ll be less restricted to specific makes or models giving you a wider selection to choose from in your price range. Plus, the available features in new cars are cutting edge technology tested year after year, which might not be available in an older used car. A new car also usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and service plan, so if something goes wrong with it, you won’t need to pay to have it fixed.


The benefits of a used car

The most obvious benefit to buying a used car is the cost savings. Used cars are significantly cheaper than new cars, and if you know what to look for, you can probably find one that’s just as good. The bulk of the car’s depreciation has already occurred, so if you were to resell it later on, chances are you won’t lose as much on your initial investment. 


Finding affordable insurance

Car insurance is recommended and can be quite complicated. With so many different providers competing for your business, it can be tough to navigate and come out ahead. The best advice is to shop around to find the one most suited to your needs. Use a free comparison for car insurance rates from multiple insurers.


Financing options

With so many costs involved with buying a car, it’s to your benefit to understand how you’re going to finance it. In South Africa, if you buy a car through a dealership, they will often offer you an in-house financing package through one of the major banks.

No matter if your first car is going to be new or used, the best course of action is to keep a clear head throughout the process and make sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Photo by Alan King on Unsplash

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