How Mobile Games Dominated The Online World

Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry has changed over the years, it’s not just for PC and consoles anymore. With the new changes in technology and smartphones, games can now be accessible with ease anywhere and at any time by just using your smartphone. Take a look below at how mobile games have taken the gaming industry to a whole new level.

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The Lure of Mobile Gaming 

There are millions of people who have smartphones right now and millions more actually get them just to play games on the go. There are so many game genres with different stories, plotlines, and gaming styles. Even if you’re into gambling and want to play some games, the developers at Kiss918 have provided interesting mobile gaming apps for gambling. These apps make it possible to play on your Smartphone whenever you like. Any hardcore gamer can keep playing on the move when they can’t do so on their computer or console, it’s really amazing how popular it has become and every year there are new mobile games being developed.

Easy, Portable, and Fun

There is a positive relationship between Smartphones and gaming, it is another way for you to pass the time if the alternatives aren’t an option and, of course, if you want to keep it simple. There are so many games that you can play that are compatible with your Smartphone with good and decent graphics. Some people are already speculating that it could compete head-to-head to console and PC gaming, but that’s debatable since there are millions of gamers who prefer other gaming methods than mobile. Nonetheless, facts show that mobile gaming is still breaking records.


More Gaming Companies Are Joining In

It’s funny how most companies and gaming developers are inclined to change their PC or console games to go into the mobile world, it’s a plan to get more players and more profit. Since everyone has a smartphone, you don’t have to be a huge hardcore gamer to play a certain game. It is a tactic and gambit that most gaming companies tend to make just for a piece of that profit and to expand to a whole different platform. The exposure and popularity are too good for them to miss out on.

So Much Money From It

Mobile games are becoming so mainstream nowadays. Not only are they setting trends globally, but they are also winning big when it comes to revenues. If you look at popular games like Fortnite, for example, it made about 2.4 billion dollars in 2018 alone as a free-to-play game. The idea behind free mobile games is a genius, the more people that play it, the more ads you can bring in and promote, and the more pay-to-play gaming styles you can add in. With microtransactions and all those other steps being done all over the world, it’s no wonder that mobile games are dominating the market.

Percentages and Facts

According to different segment breakdowns and analysis, the global revenues in the gaming industry and especially mobile gaming has been skyrocketing high since 2017. You’ve got 32% of that revenue from mobile gaming alone, 31% from consol games, 23% from PC games, and 14% from tablet and browser games. So it’s apparent now that mobile games are in the lead when it comes to profits.

The Online Gaming World Has Changed

You’ve got percentages of revenues showing that mobile gaming is much higher, and the portability that comes with it is so attractive to people. It is the future nonetheless and it already took the role of linking millions of people who aren’t hardcore gamers to the online gaming world.   

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