Simple Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Party Wear Kurti

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When it comes to parties, the number one rule that all women have is to dress to kill. That is why when any lady is invited to one, they will spend hours shopping or going through outfits in their closets trying to find the perfect attire.

Overtime, women both in India and now beyond have made kurtis their staple dressing. This gorgeous Indian wear will make you look elegant, trendy and decent all at the same time. With the wide array of kurtis available, selecting the perfect one can be quite a hassle. Here are some of the tips that that will help narrow down your party wear kurti options, until you have your ideal one.

The kurti has to blend in with the occasion 

As much as you want people drooling over your outfit, don’t overdo it. Go for a kurti that blends in perfectly with the occasion you are going to. Take a look at some examples; 

  • Traditional occasions: Choosing a kurti that has a strong ethnic design is the best idea. Anarkalis and angrakhas are such perfect examples of kurtis whose design lie so much on the ethnic side, so you won’t feel out of place.
  • Evening parties: Now, this is when you get a kick out of a chance to look ravishing by showing off your modern side. Since most of these parties have a people of different cultures, it wouldn’t hurt to dress in a kurti with a modern twist. Flow length kurtis trail-cut kurtis and printed kurti design have the perfect Indo-western fusion.

Pay close attention to the fabric of the kurti

Party Wear Kurti - Fabric
Whether it’s a designer kurti or a ready-made one, there is a wide array of fabrics to choose from. Although this is quite an advantage, you might end up making a huge fashion mistake. These different fabrics blend in with particular occasions. Kurtis made of cotton fabric is a big no-no when it comes to traditional occasions or evening parties. They are not flowy and the material is always dull so, you might as well end not get noticed by anyone when wearing this kind of kurti.

Fabrics such as silk, brocade, chiffon and georgette are the go-to ones for any kind of party. Kurtis made out of any of these fabrics are very flowy and shiny. They also have a whole lot of detailing, because they support a lot of embellishments and embroidery due to their heavy texture. 

Have a keen eye for detailing

Detailing on the kurti is like adding icing and cherry on the cake so, you want to choose one that has the right amount of prints, embellishments and embroidery to make your look have a royal-like vibe. After all, you deserve nothing less than an outfit fit for royalty, right? 

When choosing a party-wear kurti, it depends on what kind of occasion you are attending. For traditional events and evening parties, kurtis with by bold embellishments or embroidery is the ideal one. On the other hand, if you are going clubbing with your girlfriends or having a night out with your man I mean, what better party than that one with your own man! Well, printed kurtis are the perfect ones, since the details are more relaxed but at the same time make you look all glitz and glam.


Pick a kurti as per the time of the day

Party Wear Kurti - Time
This is always ignored but it is super important when choosing any outfit. Shiny fabrics like silk, chiffon and brocade that normally come in glow shades of colors like gold, silver, red are perfect for evening parties. If you are going for daytime get-togethers like a lunch out with friends or a barbecue, go for kurtis that have hues that are toned down and the fabric is lighter like cotton. Otherwise, you do not want to look like a LED light Christian’s tree! 

Choose the right pair of bottom wear 

Your choice of bottom wears is what gives your kurti a whole new look. With the different types that out there, it won’t be hard choosing one but it can be a lot of hassle at the same time. Well, let’s make it much easier for you. For kurtis with silk, brocade or georgette fabrics, leggings and denim jeans are a big no-no. Since these kurtis are perfect for evening and traditional occasions, pairing them with cigarette pants or churidars will make you look more elegant. 

Kurtis that are made out of cotton fabric are more relaxed so a pair of leggings, jeggings or denim jeans will give you that chic casual look.

Choose a kurti that goes well with the accessories you already have

Party Wear Kurti - Accessories
You cannot be party-ready without the accessories to complete your look. Going for a party wear kurti that matches well with your accessories is a much easier task, since you will not have to go and shop for new ones. The amount of accessories to grace you with depends on the kurtis detailing.

If you have bold accessories like gold dangling earrings, draping earrings, bangles and anklets, a kurti that has minimal detailing is the ideal one so that you do not overdo your whole look. Also, shiny fabrics like silk, brocade, chiffon and georgette go well with glow accessories. Kurtis made out of cotton are more relaxed so, they go well with this kind of accessories. 

Accessories that are not that outgoing like stud earrings go perfectly well with kurtis that are rich in detailing. Those made of silk, brocade, chiffon or georgette is still ideal for this kind of accessories because they have a shiny appearance. 

Go all in with neckline designs

Neckline designs on kurtis have taken the look a notch higher. It does not only make you look elegant but brings out your personality and mood perfectly. There are different neckline designs including boat neckline, V neckline, and off-shoulder neckline, asymmetrical neckline the list goes on and on. The trick here is to pick a kurti that has a neckline design that suits your body type, to draw attention to the right parts of your body. 

What are you waiting for! With these tips you can now go ahead and pick that one kurti that will absolutely get people talking at that party.

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