How to Play the Lottery and Win Big: 5 Tips for Success

Play the Lottery and Win Big

Want to win the lottery? Sorry, but there’s no surefire advice that’s going to help you do it.

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You might be surprised to learn that there are steps you can take to increase your chances of winning the lottery, though. By learning how to play the lottery and win big, you can give yourself better odds overall.

Before you walk up to the counter at your local convenience store and buy your next lottery ticket, read through these five tips that might just help you become a winner.

  1. Look at the Odds Associated With Winning Different Lottery Games

When most people dream about winning the lottery, they dream about winning a big, national lottery like Mega Millions. These large lotteries routinely pay out tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars to those who win them.

This is all well and good, but it’s worth noting that the chances of you winning these lotteries are, well, very low. You have 1 in 302,575,350 odds of hitting all five numbers and the Mega number when playing Mega Millions.

Instead of playing these large lotteries exclusively, you should consider playing state lotteries that offer way better odds. They might not pay winners as much money. But you can still walk away with a sizable sum of money if you happen to hit one of these smaller lotteries.

  1. Buy More Tickets by Pooling Your Money With Other People

The people who run lotteries have convinced us all that the only thing we need is a dollar and a dream to win the lottery. But the truth is that you can increase your chances of winning the lottery simply by purchasing more tickets.

That doesn’t mean that you need to start shelling out more money to play the lottery than you already are. You can get your hands on more tickets by teaming up with other people when buying them.

See if the people you work with want to start a weekly lottery pool. Everyone involved can put in $1 or $2, and you can use all the money that’s collected to buy a bunch of lottery tickets. It’ll be a great team-building exercise, and it might just result in your pool winning a nice chunk of change.

  1. Pick Your Own Lottery Numbers Instead of Letting a Machine Pick for You

When you buy lottery tickets, you’ll have the option of either picking your own lottery numbers or letting the lottery machine do it for you. Experts say you should always pick your own numbers.

Picking your own numbers will allow you to be strategic about which numbers you choose. You won’t have to worry about getting consecutive numbers or numbers that a lot of other people play (think 3, 7, 11, etc.).

You can choose lottery numbers for yourself. When you do this, you should:

  • Research which numbers tend to come out the most in specific lottery drawings
  • Play rarer numbers to ensure higher payouts if you happen to win the lottery
  • Stay away from playing too many numbers under 32 since many people use birthdays when picking numbers

You won’t give yourself the opportunity to use these strategies when you allow a lottery machine to pick your numbers. It’s why you should think about what numbers you want ahead of time and choose them.

  1. Find a Reliable Place to Check Winning Lottery Numbers

People used to have just two options when it came to checking lottery numbers. They could either watch a lottery drawing live on TV or wait until the following day and check numbers in the newspaper.

Neither of these options was very convenient. People had to stay glued to the TV screen all night long or practice patience and wait for the newspaper to arrive in the morning.

Nowadays, it’s never been easier to check winning lottery tickets in a matter of just a few seconds. You can see the Powerball results today right now if you want.

Just make sure that you’re looking at the numbers for the right day when you check out the winning numbers. The last thing you want to do is get too excited about winning the lottery only to realize that you weren’t looking at the right numbers.

  1. Protect a Lottery Ticket With Your Life If You Win

If you’re ever lucky enough to choose the right numbers after learning how to play the lottery and win big, you’re going to find yourself in a weird situation. The piece of paper sitting in front of you that was previously only worth $1 will now be worth so much more.

It’s important for you to protect a winning lottery ticket at all costs prior to cashing it in. You should either lock it up tight in a safe at home or, better yet, place it into a safety deposit box down at the bank.

You should also prepare to collect your lottery winnings before you go and do it. You should hire a lawyer and an accountant so that they can help you navigate your life when you come into a sudden windfall.

It’ll help you make smart decisions with your lottery winnings. It’ll also make it easier for you to deal with all the attention that’s going to come your way in light of you winning the lottery.

Learn How to Play the Lottery and Win Big

There are people who play the lottery their entire life and never win anything. If you want to avoid this fate, you should figure out how to play the lottery and win big.

Use the tips found here the next time you play the lottery to see how well they work. If nothing else, they should raise your excitement level when a lottery drawing takes place and make it so much more fun to play the lottery in the first place.

Want to find out some things you can do with your money when you win the lottery? Browse through the financial articles on our site to get some great ideas.

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