Buy A Custom Painting For A Special Woman In Your Life!


Is there a woman in your life who you are struggling to find a perfect gift for? If so, here at Paint Your Life, we know the perfect thing for you to gift to her: a custom painting. Custom paintings are beautiful, useful, emotionally powerful, and graceful. An incredible amount of skill and detail goes into each and every single painting that our artists complete. Our artists can also create gorgeous custom pencil portraits.

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So, whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your mom or a birthday gift for your sister, Paint Your Life can help! To commission a custom painting from Paint Your Life, all you have to do is submit a photo to our artists, and they will make a beautiful painting based on the photo. You will be amazed at the accuracy and the amount of detail that they will be able to capture from this photo in the painting they make.

Our artists can make many different kinds of paintings. For example, they commonly make dog portraits, individual portraits, family portraits, couple portraits, and more. In order to get the best reaction from your special woman, you should choose a picture that you know she holds very dear to her heart. Get a copy of that picture and then submit it to our artists!

Thomas’s Paint Your Life Story

Man gives his wife a beautiful custom painting of their dog for a gift

After Thomas and his wife lost their dog, he wanted to do something to make his wife feel better. She was very sad because she loved the dog so much and the dog’s death was very difficult for her to process. So, after some thought about what he wanted to do for his wife, Thomas, decided on getting her a painting from Paint Your Life. He submitted a picture of their dog and hoped that the artists at Paint Your Life would be able to create a stunning picture that he could give to his wife. Here is what Thomas had to say about his experience with Paint Your Life:

“My wife absolutely loves the painting and it has provided a beautiful memory of a cherished pet that we miss deeply. Somehow, this painting made that loss a little easier. Thank you!”

Thomas was able to make his wife feel better after going through a painful loss by getting her a beautiful custom pet portrait from Paint Your Life. Now, whenever his wife misses her dog, she can go to the painting and see her dog’s face again. This will never bring her dog back. But at least it will help her to keep her dog’s memory alive and provide a certain amount of comfort to her until she fully processes the loss.

Just Wait Until You See the Woman’s Reaction!

When it comes to gift-giving, you know that you have done a good job if the woman who you give the gift to has a strong reaction to the painting. Our paintings tend to evoke very powerful emotional reactions. This is because people just can’t believe how realistic the paintings are. They also find themselves feeling truly surprised and grateful that a key moment of their lives has been immortalized forever in a painting.

If you have never given a truly impressive and meaningful gift before, then you are in for a real treat when you give the woman in your life a custom painting from Paint Your Life. Many women cherish their pets, their husbands, their children, and their family members. So, when you choose the photo that you are going to turn into a painting from Paint Your Life, you should choose one of these things.

However, many women also love pictures of themselves, so choosing a picture of the woman is a good idea too! This is especially true if you know that it is a picture  that you already know that she really loves of herself.

An Experience for You to Enjoy as Well

Even though you will be the one giving the painting and not receiving it, it can still be a great experience for you as well. This is because the process of selecting the artist, choosing the style of painting, hunting for the perfect photo and seeing the reaction of your special woman can be a whole lot of fun!

You may enjoy it so much that you might just end up wanting to commission custom paintings for many other people in your life as well! Custom paintings make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, retirements, anniversaries and more!

If you would like to see what it looks like when a person receives a custom painting from Paint Your Life, click the link below!

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