Partying This St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s How to Do it Safe

St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re going out to the bar for St. Patrick’s Day, or any time of the year, it’s important to be safe. Drink responsibly, don’t go past your limits, and most important of all, don’t drink and drive. This is the most important rule.

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Too many people overestimate their ability to drive while having a few drinks, and then before they know it, they crash or hurt someone. Don’t let a few drinks destroy your life. Let’s take a look at some ways you can be safe.

Get a Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer isn’t just for cops. You can buy one online and use it whenever you’re considering a night of drinking. The prices and quality of breathalyzers can vary. You can buy a highly rated ones for under $40, while some go for double that price. Do your research and consider purchasing one.

Although not entirely accurate, a breathalyzer may be your best bet, since alcohol affects people differently. Depending on your height, age, and other factors, more or less alcohol may get you past the legal limit. With that said,

Remember, It’s Not About Legality

Many people think that if they drive under the legal limit, they should be golden. However, alcohol affects people differently. Some people can be under the limit, but still not fit to drive. If you feel like you can’t drive, don’t risk it.

Can You Crash?

If you’re having a party at someone’s house, make sure that you’re able to possibly spend the night if you get a little too wasted. Most parties should have room, but if they don’t, be aware of that.

Have a Cutoff

Drinking all night long sounds fun, but you need to get home, too. Make sure that you have a cutoff time. Once that happens, give yourself a few hours to sober up, and stay longer if you still believe you’re not fit to drive.

Bring Cash

If you’re going to a bar, perhaps bring cash for enough drinks, but keep your card in the car. Not only can this help save on finances, but it allows you to avoid paying too much. Avoid running up a tab, too. Close out whenever you can.

Have Some People Out There for You

Besides the possibility of having a designated driver, make sure that you have some people to tell you that you’re not fit to drive. When you’re drunk, you’re not at your most logical, and quite often you may think you’re good to drive, but you’re not. Having people out there for you can help you come to your senses.

Take Public Transportation

If you’re going to a bar, make sure to take public transportation or use a taxi. If you drive there, you may be obligated to drive back despite being drunk. No one wants tickets or a car towing, so don’t bring your car.

Try a Ride Sharing Company

Before you go out drinking, download an app for Uber, Lyft, or another ride share. Make sure that you have it ready to go should you need it. With that said, make sure you don’t go too far, since you don’t want to be a lot of money to go back home. Also, practice ride sharing safety guidelines, too.

Seek Help

Having an occasional night of drinking can be fun, but if you feel like you have an alcohol problem, then it is time to seek the help of a counselor or therapist. One way you can do this is through online therapy, which works wonders.


Image by Joey Velasquez from Pixabay

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