Understanding Event AV Planning

Event AV Planning

Have you ever attended a corporate event and stayed around to listen to all the speakers? Were you able to understand the message that the event speakers were trying to convey? If your answer is yes, then you might credit the success of the event to the quality of the invited speakers. The credibility of the speakers and the messages are both parts of what made the event a success. However, a large part of the success should be credited to the AV Hire for that event.

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AV stands for Audio Visual. An AV team is made of the people equipment and technology that are responsible for providing and setting up equipment to assist events. There is the truth that credit should be given to an AV hire for an event well-done. Excellent visuals and high sound quality are essential in ensuring the event participants will understand the messages being delivered.

Have you ever experienced listening to a speech but got distracted by the “frying” noise the mic makes or the delayed sound feedbacks or echoes produced at the back part of the hall? Whatever your event goals are, the high-quality audio-visual experience is vital in making sure that your attendees will focus on the message and not on the flaws of the audio-visual.

Here are four things you need to know first when you’re planning to set up a corporate event for your company.


Who Will Use the AV?

When you’re regularly coordinating events, you should now be aware that each conference will bring a variety of requirements from the presenters and speakers. Different speakers will have their technical compatibility requirements. For example, one keynote speaker will only bring a USB drive and will need a laptop to plug it in.

Another example that could happen is that your event will have two speakers but have a different OS or that one speaker needs to get files from the cloud. An intermission number will only have low-quality music recorded on their phones.

Therefore, it is essential for you to coordinate with your speakers or with everyone that is going to be part of the event before the event and inform your AV hire of all the technical requirements so that everything will be in order come event date.


What AV Equipment to Bring

After knowing all the technological requirements of the speakers, presenters, and performers, your AV hire should be able to determine what AV equipment to bring to the event. It is a good practice to bring “buffer” equipment for “just-in-case” capabilities. This is to solve last-minute changes in the schedule, venue, or program. Professional audio-visual companies will most like be bringing extra projectors and projector screens, monitor speakers, extension cords, excess body and stand microphones, and other AV equipment.


Where to Set Up AV

Your AV hire needs to inspect the event venue at least a week before the event, especially if it is the first time to set up there. The AV specialists will determine the type and number of equipment to bring. You should also inform your AV specialist for any changed that may occur during the event, such as having a plenary at the start and then having smaller breakout sessions afterwards.


When to Set Up

If it is possible, you should book the event venue at least a day before the event so that your AV hire could set up and test all AV equipment for sound quality and to make sure that everything is working correctly. If you’re the events coordinator of your company, then you should be there during the AV dry run as well. You should go around the different corners of the venue to make sure that the quality of AV is the same throughout.

Planning an event is a very challenging task. You have to make sure that the message that you want to convey will be received and understood by your attendees—knowing the who, what, where, and when of AV planning for an event will give you a very high chance of having a successful event. The rest will be up to your invited speakers.

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