6 Reasons Why Mock Questions & JEE Main Previous Year’s Question Are to Be Solved

While preparing for JEE main examination, students focus primarily towards completion of the syllabi on time. At the same time understanding all the key concepts and solving numerical questions and following exam patterns also plays in the mind of an aspirant. 

But one of the key suggestions that every pedagogue and coaching expert opine is to solve Vedantu jee main previous year question paper & appear for mock exams. The mock examinations are available online and from the tutorials from where you are availing classes. 

Even the practice question set allows a particular candidate to review a particular topic and gets him to focus on a particular area with more keenness. The papers available online allows one to self analyse him or her for the long run. In this particular article, we would emphasize solely on why mock examinations are vital and how it can help a particular student secure flying colors in the main exam.

1. Gaining Weightage About The Key Areas

There are few topics which are in requirement of key attention & questions are sure to appear from few areas. To know this accurately, you can solve questions of the past year and appear for the mock exams. Remember the questions for the mock exams are prepared by some of the best educators and they are aware of current trends and topics. If you appear for more and more examinations, you can rest assured to get a grab of the questions that bear maximum weightage. 

2.   Recognizing The Key Topics

If you are ready for around 15-20 sets of mock test and paper solving, you can remain assured that you will gain some momentum. At the same time, questions are bound to fall common after the effort you applied for the mock exams.

For maximum candidates, this would be the first time you will appear for such a major examination and nothing better than mocks can make the pathway seamless. If you are still confused about whether to appear for mock examinations, then do not waste any further time and get going to appear for maximum examinations that come in your way.

3.    Managing Time Is Very Important-

One of the key difficulties faced by JEE aspirants is the completion of the paper within a stipulated frame of time. To get devoid from such unforeseen circumstances, try and appear for maximum mock exams. You can estimate the total time taken for completing the paper. If you are consuming more time try and figure out which are the areas that are causing hindrance and letting you consume more time.

Try and focus on those areas and come back again for the next mock exam. The more you appear for these examinations you eventually will end up completing the examination right on time. If required the candidates can create their mock examinations for carrying out a self-analysis. 

4.    Increasing The Speed

As you practice more and more papers you can be assured there won’t be any such obstacle of completion of the paper on time. While you appear for the first mock exam, you might end up consuming more time, but as you advance towards more & more examinations, you will end up on the winning side. The speed and efficiency automatically increase as you give more and more mock tests.

5.    You Can Gain More & More Efficiency

Candidates are bound to make mistake and at times they miss out on some key areas in the examination. As you keep on practicing these papers you can improve and improvise the efficiency and one can decrease the probability of making major mistakes.

6.    A Complete Self Analysis

Through the checking ability, the candidates can know their scores and they can keep a track of their scores. They can compare and contrast the scores from the previous year’s actual cut off. If he is scoring more than the actual cut of the previous year, then he gets a positive nod and if not he needs to put on some more effort and advancement to achieve maximum.

These are some key areas or one can say some key tips that are tailored to make a young aspirant understand how important the mock exams are. We hope you have enjoyed the article and we would continue to motivate you and come up with more tips and suggestions in the days to come. 

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