How to Deal with Coming Out as LGBT

Coming Out as LGBT

To many people, coming out as LGBT is more of a process than an event. Most importantly, you should know that you are the one to take control of the situation. No matter how important it is to you for your friends and family to know. The right time for you to come out is when you want to come out. Since you have to create the space for people’s reactions that will be different according to the type of relationship that you have with them. Plus, many of them require time to take in the news. So, how do you go about it? Where do you start first? Below are tips on how to deal with coming out as LGBT. 

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Don’t worry about other people’s reactions 

Coming Out

Firstly, one of the main reasons that people restrain from coming out is the worry of how various people will react. Deciding whether to come out or not is a personal decision that once you have decided, no reaction should hinder you to live your life fully. Although you feel that most people will not accept you or will see you differently. How in most cases they will feel the same way about you after some it. Once you decide to tell someone, assure them that it is okay if they feel the need to take time to process the information. Also, they can communicate with you further if they feel like it for more closure. 


You can opt not to come out

Coming Out as LGBTQ

Another way you can try to deal with coming out is to prefer not to come out at all. Although many people feel less burdened when they come out to their friends and family. Others feel better when they do not share their sexuality. Especially if they view it as a very private matter and that it should remain that way. For this reason, the power to choose is in your hands and you can opt not to come out. Besides, you can wait until you feel confident and comfortable to come out. 


Be open-minded on the experience 

Coming Out as LGBT - open minded

As much as the experience of coming out can be either negative, positive, or people can seem unsure. You must not worry about the reactions as mentioned above. Try to remain open-minded about the experience that you will get as you come out. For instance, in some cases, it can be such a positive experience and in this way, it will make you feel liberated. Also, you will be a positive role model for those hoping to come out. You can inspire other people by sharing your story on anonymous blog if you don’t want to reveal your identity. Plus, if the experience shocks others, you must stay positive to their feelings and give them time to take in the news. Besides, if they react negatively, still stay open-minded as they will not feel the same way forever. As the first reactions in most instances are not lasting. 


Stay in control of the news 

Coming Out as LGBT - control

After all, as the bearer of the news, you must remain in control of the news. The importance of this is that it helps you stay calm as you figure out how you plan to come out. In comparison to someone that has shared it with some people and worries that they may speak before they are ready. So stay in control as you choose which medium favors you, for instance, email, social media, phone call, text, or face to face. Importantly, as you consider which medium is best, know that some offer more privacy than others. 


To sum up, the above are some insights that can help you cope with coming out as an LGBT. In some instances, some people feel building a support network around them will give them a fall back plan in case the coming out goes not as planned with significant people in their lives. All in all, do not do it because you are forced by anyone but until when you feel ready. If you feel ready but still nervous, do it gradually. For instance, write a coming-out letter, follow up with a call, and then visit them as it will give you control of the situation step by step.

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