How to Get A Better Compensation Deal After a Car Accident

Compensation Deal After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is something that all of us dread. Not only will we likely end up ruining our precious automobile but we also run the risk of serious injury. We are often left in a state of shock and find it difficult to think clearly so we are likely to make mistakes in the immediate aftermath. In most cases of an accident, there is fault or negligence on one party’s behalf so in order to maximize your possible compensation claim it is important to follow some simple guidelines so that you put yourself in the best position possible to receive a better compensation deal after a car accident which you are due for your injuries.

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Document everything

The most important thing that you should do after an accident is document the situation. When it comes to making a claim, your lawyer will use this evidence to support your injuries, and the opposition will try and use the evidence, or the lack of evidence, to refute your claim and thus decrease any potential award. Take photos of everything from the state of the vehicles to any skid marks on the tarmac or damaged street furniture. If there are witnesses present ask then to write down their version of events and make sure you keep their contact details as they may be needed in court. Basically anything that will help you with your case in the form of evidence should be preserved. 


Go to the hospital 

No matter how bad your injuries seem, you must go and seek medical attention immediately. Of course, you may have suffered a bad accident, and you were taken by the emergency services to the hospital straight away, but even if you have a sprained wrist you should go and get it checked out. You may also be in shock and this can mask injuries, so you must go and get the once over, even just for peace of mind. If you don’t do this then the opposition will try and claim that your injuries weren’t as a result of the accident but actually occurred at a later date, and then you will not get the compensation you deserve. 

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Consider hiring a lawyer

It is at this stage that hiring a lawyer can make the difference between receiving your rightful compensation and a lower amount. It is likely that you have no experience handling legal negotiation so these expert lawyers can handle that side of things for you, ensuring that you are no pushover. They will present the facts in a clear and organized fashion and will only have your interest at heart because they will work on a no win no fee basis. Their extensive experience will also allow them to be aware of the tricks of the trade that adjustors often employ in order to bring down the compensation payable, so it really makes sense to hire a lawyer if you want to receive your rightful compensation.

Inform your insurance company

As soon as practically possible you must inform your insurance company that you have had an accident and you must also provide the particulars of any 3rd party involved. They will want to review all of the evidence surrounding your accident so make sure you provide it in a timely manner and then they will contact the opposition for their view of proceedings and will initiate a negotiation regarding whether compensation is due.


Claim for all damages

It is important that you take into account the real damages as a result of your injury. Initially, it will extend to the cost of repairing your car and any medical expenses, but what about loss of earnings? If you cannot work for 6 months then you need to be compensated. Maybe you are wheelchair bound and you rely on friends or a carer to take you places or to do you shopping for you. If so, then their time will also need to be compensated for. When you sit down and think about it there are many additional costs to your accident that don’t initially spring to mind, so be thorough if you want your claim to be as just as possible


Once you have handled the above steps you will have done all you can to seek the maximum possible payout by presenting all the evidence available, from photographs to police, and medical records. Your legal team will handle negotiations with the adjustor and, based on a clear understanding of all your current costs and any future damages for loss of employment, they will help to seek the best payout possible. Even if you don’t succeed you will not be out of pocket and you will have done everything in your power to maximize your compensation. 

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