9 Glamorous Accessories That’ll Make an Apartment Shine

Glamorous Accessories

Dressing up an apartment takes some real thought. You don’t have a lot of space to work with, and sometimes it’s impossible to make large-scale upgrades, especially if you’re renting the place.

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That’s where your accessorizing skills come in.

Like any good foundation, it’s only made better by glamorous accessories. A beautiful necklace takes a dress to another level. You just have to discover the perfect match for your apartment to kick things up a notch.

Let’s get you started with some ideas. These nine glamorous accessories are tried and true ways to give your apartment that much-needed shine.

1. A Plush Rug

An area rug is a must-have accessory to spruce up your space.

More often than not, it’s the first accessory you ever pick out, and it helps you really define the style of any room.

Soft, plush fabrics are the perfect choice to add a touch of glamour. They bring in a beautiful texture when laid over hardwood floors or short pile carpeting. The difference in feel is incredibly eye-catching.

When you step onto an ultra-plush rug, it’s a luxurious experience fit for only the most elegant rooms.


2. Dramatic Curtains

Let’s move on to your walls and get them all dressed up.

If you have windows, and you probably do, you’re bound to have curtains. It’s a perfect place to bring in a subtle but chic touch.

A striking color or pattern makes an undeniable statement. If your walls are a dark color, use light curtains, and vice versa. Use curtains made from velvet for something lush. Or find curtains with extra detailing at the top.

If you bulk your curtains up by doubling the fabric, they stand out even more.

Now, spring for some extra long curtains. Then hang them up where the wall meets the ceiling instead of at the top of the window. It adds visual height to the room and adds to the drama of it all.


3. A Chandelier

Few things say glam quite like a chandelier.

This statement light fixture can instantaneously take a room up to an eleven without even trying. It has many features you look for in a glamorous setting, all packed into one piece.

You can find chandeliers in just about any size, shape, and finish to suit whatever your taste may be.

When you think about shine, a chandelier is definitely one thing you can’t pass up.


4. Framed Mirrors

Mirrors are a go-to for small spaces. They reflect the light and make the room look bigger. Not to mention they add some much-needed sparkle!

Throw on a frame to really pack that irresistible punch.

Choose a mirror with a frame that’s also mirrored for an understated glam that doesn’t stand out too much. 

A mirror with a gold frame makes a statement. You can even tailor it to your level of glam from a simple golden frame to a decorative French-inspired piece.

If you can’t find one you like in the right color, you can always apply some gold leaf yourself!


5. Crystal Doorknobs

Are you dead set on bringing the glamour down to the smallest details?

This is the perfect accessory for the job!

Mirrored, glass, or crystal doorknobs will tie your elegant space together. Not to mention replacing doorknobs is something you can do quickly and easily to dress things up.

If you’re trying to take the shine to your bathroom or kitchen — no problem!

Upgrade your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in the same way, with something that will add sparkle to an otherwise dull fixture.

It’s amazing what a difference the small things will make!


6. A Bar Cart

This fabulous accessory will immediately add an alluring quality to any room while also serving a function. And in an apartment where space is precious, functional accessories are everything.

Bar carts are extremely on-trend and offer a level of sophistication and elegance.

It’s a very grown-up accessory.

Choose one with gold or brass finishes to fit in with the rest of your beautiful decor. A marble top will only elevate it even more.

Use your bar cart to hold decanters for an old Hollywood vibe or a vintage tea set if that’s more your taste.


7. Anything Glass

Getting a little less specific, this applies to any of the small touches you want to add throughout the room.

Glass, crystal, and acrylic reflect the light and add a subtle sparkle that any glamorous apartment needs to thrive. 

The more decorative glass, the better!

Look for petite vases and elegant candleholders. Pieces with a lot of decoration will undoubtedly stand out, so strive to use them in moderation. Smooth glass accessories are more reserved but no less attractive.

This also applies to more significant pieces like end tables and coffee tables that will add glamour without taking up visual space.


8. Make It Metal

Metallic finishes are a must-have in your glamorous space.

Gold, brass, and chrome accessories can tie an entire room together without breaking the bank. Play off of your favorite decor and use a similar finish throughout the room to keep everything cohesive.

Maybe match it to your chandelier!

Find some already metallic pieces, old or new, to add to your collection. Or get a little hands-on and spruce up some cute but plain accessories with a can of metallic spray paint.

These accessories go well with metallic framed artwork and mirrors as well as furniture with metal legs.


9. Faux Fur

When it comes to fabric, the more luxurious they are, the more glamorous they’re going to look. It’s a great way to boost the style of any room.

Your tufted, velvet furniture my be anything but drab, but just imagine how beautiful it would look with a few faux fur throw pillows set up on it. Or a faux fur blanket laying across the back.

The soft look and feel of these accessories are what glam is all about.


In Conclusion

What’s life without a little sparkle and shine?

(Or a lot of sparkle and a ton of shine.)

No matter the level of glamour you’re after — understated and subtle or loud and proud — you can achieve it with the things found on this list. We guarantee these nine glamorous accessories will make your apartment, and your mood, bright and shiny.

[Author Bio]:

Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over ten years of experience in the conventional housing industry and works with The Proper on a daily basis to help them with their marketing efforts.  

Ryan Sundling - Glamorous Accessories Writer








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