How to Mentally Prepare for Getting Dental Implants

A dental implant procedure helps restore confidence, especially if you were suffering from low self-esteem. However, the procedure can also go south, and it could impair your health. If you have fully developed jaws or have lost a tooth, you will be eligible for a dental implant procedure. However, proper preparation and knowledge are required to ensure that you fully recover from the surgery. If you are nervous about having the procedure, you don’t have to worry, because here are recommended tips for patients that will help you prepare mentally for the procedure. 

Have a Full Dental Checkup

A comprehensive dental examination performed by a qualified dentist will determine whether you are eligible for the implant. The dentist also has a chance to evaluate your mouth and come up with a viable treatment option. The right dentist will perform visual examinations and take x-ray photos. Also, they will assess your medical history to determine whether you are allergic to any medication or have a weak immune system. Depending on the evaluation results, a dentist formulates a treatment plan, although same day services are possible, provided that you are ready for the procedure. It may seem like magic, but you can have an entire mouth of implant teeth in just a day, provided that you are dealing with a qualified dentist. The dentist will take you through the treatment plan, then advise you on how to prepare for every procedure mentally. 

You Can Ask Questions

Mental preparation requires that you fully understand what the procedure entails. You can achieve this by asking questions. Inquire from the dentist, what you should expect, and the procedure he intends to perform. Considering that implant surgeries have lower risks, provided you deal with a qualified dentist, you can rest assured that the procedure will run smoothly.

Find a Qualified Dentist

Some people have the misconception that all dentists have perfected the art of performing implant surgery. To be mentally prepared, you need to find the right dentist, and you can get them through referrals or by reading online reviews about the dentist. You should also know that the dental implant procedure is conducted by a team comprising of a periodontist and a maxillofacial and oral surgeon. On some occasions, an ENT specialist will be available during the procedure. You should, therefore, inquire whether all the professionals will be available for the procedure. If you get a response that’s short of your expectations, you should find the right professionals.  

Meal Preparation

If the dentist prescribes local anesthesia, you can have a light meal, hours before the start of the procedure. However, if the dentist recommends that the procedure be done under sedation, you shouldn’t have any meals 12 hours before the surgery. You should have an empty stomach when undergoing sedated surgery. 

Take an Antibiotics Course

If you intend to have dental implant surgery, the dentist will recommend that you take immunosuppressants that will hinder the body’s reaction to the implants. You should study the types of antibiotics that you are given before you take them, especially if you suffer from chronic illness. 

Request a Friend to Accompany You

Your dentist will recommend that you make arrangements on how you will get home after the procedure. Some people fear undergoing the procedure, and a friend or a loved one will be there to encourage you through the process. Besides, you might feel drowsy after the procedure; hence you will need a sober mind to take you home.

Speak to the Dentist About Sedative Options 

If you are tense or worried about the procedure, sedatives can help reduce the tension. If you are concerned about the procedure and fear that it might be painful, speak to the medical personnel and inquire whether they can offer sedatives during the procedure.

Prepare for After Care

Dental Implants

Once you are done with the procedure, you will most likely have swelling; therefore, you will need time to heal and rest. Speak to your employer and request some days that you will be off duty. Besides, you should stock up pain medications and soft meals at home, and you should take a break from your routine exercises.


The preparation before and after the implant surgery is a critical part that affects how fast you heal. Speak to your dentist and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. The time taken to heal varies depending on your health and your mouth structure, but with the help of a qualified dentist, you will certainly heal. 

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