Top 4 Must-Have Computer Accessories

Must-Have Computer Accessories

Some people’s home computer systems are so sophisticated that they wouldn’t look out of place at NASA launch control. From webcams to speakers to Bluetooth keyboards, there are so many accessories available these days, that it can often be difficult to know where to start.

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To help all the computer newbies (and even some of the computer whizzes), this article is a guide to the top 4 must-have computer accessories on the market.

1. Wireless Mouse

Although some high-end computers have incorporated touchscreen technology, the majority of desktop computers and laptops have not, and so the first essential computer accessory on our list is a wireless mouse. Computer mouses have been in use for decades, but the technology has moved on immeasurably in recent years. The most significant development is that computer mouses have now become wireless which makes them far more convenient to use, store and also helps to make your desk look more neat and tidy. 


There are two kinds of wireless mouse, Bluetooth, and WiFi, but both are equally effective. Some computer mouses can connect directly to your computer’s networks, while others require you to plug a little receptor into a USB port to wirelessly connect your mouse with your computer. Wireless computer mouses are relatively inexpensive. Just be sure to check out online reviews and guides so that you know you are purchasing one that will fit comfortably in your hand. This solution will also help determine which option has a smooth tracking and responses.

2. Mouse Pad

To maximize the smoothness of your wireless mouse, it is always recommended that you use a specialized mouse pad. A quality mouse pad will allow your mouse to glide smoothly so that you can use it effectively on any surface. In bygone days, mouse pads were all pretty much the same, except for the design, but these days custom mouse mats are available based on your specific computer needs. The experts at explain that now you can get custom-sized mouse pads, extended mouse pads for gaming and even mouse pads incorporating your own designs and graphics. Some hardcore gamers even use mouse pads that cover the entire surface of their desk for ultimate freedom. There are some great custom mouse pad options online so check out what’s available and work out the best size and design for you.

3. Wireless Keyboard

As with the wireless mouth, the wireless keyboard is a welcome upgrade on a tried and tested computer accessory. Traditional keyboards went through very stages of development over the years, enabling faster and more accurate typing, and far fewer problems with keys sticking or popping out. Wireless keyboards have enabled far more freedom to the computer user as they can not type wherever they want, not just at the desk. 


Many people these days like to connect their laptop or desktop computer to their TV or another monitor for watching movies and TV shows or even for browsing online or working. Now with a wireless keyboard, you can just sit on your bed or couch and type away with the keyboard in your lap. Like wireless mouses, both Bluetooth and WiFi keyboards are available, and you can get a decent model relatively cheaply.

4. Wireless Headset

This last one is for all the gamers out there and is an absolute must-have if you love a bit of Battleground or Minecraft. A wireless headset allows you to converse with other players online without annoying wires getting tangled around your arms as you play, and without you having to sit right next to your computer. 

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With more and more players using a wireless keyboard to play games from the comfort of their bed or couch, a wireless headset is a perfect accessory for ultimate freedom. These days, many people also use their computers to communicate with their friends and family over FaceTime and Skype, and a wireless headset is great for enabling you to speak to them wherever you are.


Computers have brought countless conveniences to our lives, and many of us would be seriously lost without them. The huge range of different computer accessories that are available these days has optimized our computer experience exponentially. If you are looking for ways to upgrade your computer setup, check out some of the must-have computer accessories in this list.  

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