[WATCH] Josh X Premieres Visual For New Single, “I Miss You”

Josh X 2020 - I Miss You

I was first introduced to Josh X back around 2012, when he released his mixtape, Everybody Hates Josh X. The multi-hyphenated talent with an impeccable work ethic and surprisingly long resumé has kept on this musical journey throughout the highs and lows. He never disappoints his fans and continues to deliver memorable songs year after year after year.  The latest Josh X single is a catchy tune, primed for radio play, titled, “I Miss You”.

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Josh X also revealed a video for the single, which premieres today.  The video also includes a bonus acoustic performance.  Fitting, since Josh released a piano accompanied EP project last year titled, Piano Confessions.

Watch the Josh X “I Miss You” visual below:

As you listen to the single and watch the visual, get familiar with Josh X.  The crooner shared some fun facts about himself:

01.  I Came Up On Classical Music:

Classical music is my mom’s first love. Her parents couldn’t afford to pay for private lessons, so she prioritized making sure to give me what she didn’t have access to. I have been playing since the age of six years old.

02.  I Was Co- Signed by Stevie Wonder / Brian McKnight:

I was on a national promo tour promoting my song, “First Time.” Brian McKnight had a syndicated radio show at the time and I was selected as a guest of the show. That will forever be one of my favorite memories as Brian is one of my favorite artists. I began singing songs, because I wanted to be like Brian McKnight.

Who does not love the legend Stevie Wonder? Stevie and I met in LA and that was a complete surprise! I had a chance to prepare for my appearance on Brian McKnight, but Steve Wonder that was a whole different movie. It was a true blessing that I’m forever grateful for. It was a highlight of my career and my life. Stevie spoke to my purpose and his words resonate with me daily.

03.  I Am A Singer / Songwriter / Producer /Composer:

I AM AN ARTIST’S ARTIST. I believe in creating great music, as music impacts people in a real way.

04.  I Am A Business Owner:

Aside from my music career, I am an entrepreneur. I wanted to establish multiple streams of income. I started a chain appropriately named JX CUTZ. It is named after me – nice and simple, lol. JX Cuts is located in Nassau County, NY . I have always been into fly cuts, so it just made sense as I get my cuts done every 5 days.

05.  I Am Haitian and Dominican:

Enough Said.

06.  I Am Multilingual:

I am fluent in Creole, French and Japanese. I love different cultures. I love diversity. I have family everywhere in the world: India, China, Japan, Iceland, Germany and too many others to mention. I think it’s important to communicate as much as you can. I find satisfaction knowing that I won’t ever be stuck anywhere.

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