What is College Consultation?

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Each year marks a transition for thousands of students to college, and with it comes complex procedures for anyone to stand a chance of getting admitted to a dream college.

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First, you need to develop a strong resume and detailed essays capturing your summer experiences, your high school life, and personal accomplishments that set you apart from your peers. Then follows the actual process of planning for interviews, SAT test dates, and staying updated on the due dates.

But all this can be made easier with college admissions consultancy.

What is College Consultation? Is It A Wise Move?

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College consultancy bridges the gap between the highly selective institutions and the overwhelming volumes of work that go into the admission process. We’re talking about managing timelines and school lists, reviewing courses, helping with interview prep, providing feedback on essays, suggesting extracurricular, and generally making sure students are well aligned for the process.  

College consultancy, therefore, is the best way to ensure you’ve put your best foot forward in your college application while minimizing the often tasking process involved.

Key Considerations for the Best College Consultants


  • Analyze the success rate by looking at successful admissions.  
  • Which schools have they gotten their students into?
  • What is their rating when it comes to the top and highly selective institutions?
  • What is their most recent performance like?


Consider someone with a good track record in admissions consulting. Among other qualities, the best consultants must have a strong background, excellent communication skills, and a visionary strategy.

Do not shy from asking about the counselor’s academic accomplishments. Consultants who have attained higher education from top institutions have a better understanding of what it takes to beat the odds and will fill you in on how to prepare for college life upon admission.

Google and Yelp Reviews

Reading past client reviews helps you answer questions of reliability, trust, and satisfaction levels. A good college consultant will have you feel supported and well represented throughout the process.

  • How happy were the past clients with the consultancy service?
  • Did the process turn out less painless as promised?

Many Options, a Few Right Fits

Ensure you shop around before settling for a service. A good personality fit is essential since you’ll be spending a lot of face-to-face time with your consultant.

The best college consultants will give you a free initial session which provides you with an insight into the methods and the kind of approach. This also happens to be the best time for questions and a bit of chemistry check ahead of the long-term relationship.

Access to Complete and Personalized Support

Experienced admissions consultants know better than to act based solely on your grades. You know you’re in the right hands when your consultant requests as many serious sit-downs with you as possible. Such sessions enable them to figure out how to increase your chances of getting college admission.

If you’re looking to hire an admission consultant, consider a service that employs a holistic and personalized approach for every applicant. Don’t fall for firms that engage specialists who edit essays without paying attention to what the admissions committee requires of them. At EduReviewer you can get a single advisor who is best equipped to know your profile better goes a long way in ensuring a coherent story in the application process.

Get it Done Today!

Education is an asset in today’s world. Quality education opens you to greater opportunities necessary for a fulfilled and secure future.

College consulting is here to help you navigate the competitive education sector and find the right path through the perpetually proliferating education industry.

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