Kodak Black Addresses Questionable Viral Video of Him and His Mom

Kodak Black Addresses Viral Video

Kodak Black got a lot of attention about a week ago when he shared a video dancing with his mother that went viral.  In the video the rapper is seen grabbing on his mom, seemingly inappropriately, kissing her and getting uncomfortably close.  It was hard for some fans to see.  This week, Kodak Black addressed the viral video in a live IG video.

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Here’s the original video of Kodak Black and his mom.  You decide how it comes off to you.

Kodak Black didn’t help himself when he weighed in a few days later on the viral relationship of Michael and Deja Haugabook.  The rapper tried to #LoveisLove the relationship of the 55 year old godfather to his 18 year old goddaughter in a since deleted post.

Fans quickly made a correlation between that relationship and what might be happening with Kodak Black and his mom.

In the IG live post Kodak Black addresses the viral video with his mom by explaining that he does what he does “to make her feel real beautiful.”

“I grabbed my mama because I treat my mama like my lady,” he said. “That’s my queen…So what? She ain’t trippin’. I don’t fk my mama. We ain’t doing no crazy st…I grab her like I try to make her feel real beautiful. I make her feel and I remind her, ‘mama, you beautiful. I’m f***ed up about you, mom. I’m in love with you.’”

Full video where Kodak Black addresses the viral video with his mom

There are moments in the video that are hard not to love.  His mother even appears in the video speaking to him in Creole and English about fans that happen to be passing by and recognizing her as his mom.

Early in the video he says of his mom, “We been through a lot of shit. My mama was my mama and my daddy, bro. My daddy left a nigga when was young. My mama, dawg, we was broke as shit, my mama stood up.”


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