Lil Boosie Goes Off On Lil Nas X For Trolling Him

Lil Nas X might have just baited Lil Boosie into getting cancelled on all platforms and all forms of life.  The rapper who just was honored with a day celebrating him in Atlanta, took to social media to poke the bear and it didn’t take long before Lil Boosie went off on Lil Nas X.

On Saturday (Oct. 23), Nas X was on Instagram Live when he made the claim. “So, I been working on this song with Lil Boosie, bro,” he said to his followers. “I got this song with Lil Boosie finna come out. Fire, I ain’t even gon’ lie, for real. Song with Boosie finna come out.”

Boosie could have let it slide, but instead he went ALL THE WAY IN…

We’re posting a picture because we’re sure the tweet will be deleted soon:

Boosie Goes off on Lil Nas X

Boosie definitely crossed every line with his post and the backlash will be swift.  Lil Nas X probably knew what he was doing but there’s no excuse for this from Boosie.  He’s a grown man who has been in this industry a very long time.

This isn’t the first time Lil Nas X and Lil Boosie have exchanged words, most recently in July, Boosie called him several homophobic slurs, but this time Boosie crossed a line, which is too vile to be ignored.

Boosie doubled down with his next couple of posts…

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