The Chilling Details Behind the Viral Marriage of Mike & Deja Haugabook

Michael and Deja Haugabook

Social Media in Outrage After 55-Year-Old Godfather Marries 18-Year-Old Goddaughter

Just when we thought today’s world couldn’t get even more disturbing than it already is, Michael and Deja Haugabook have proved us all wrong.

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The newlywed Florida couple recently went viral after photos from their wedding sparked controversy on Facebook. The kicker? 55-year-old Michael is reportedly 18-year-old Deja’s Godfather.

Michael and Deja Haugabook slicing their wedding cake, September 2021

Originally, there were claims of Michael being Deja’s stepfather. However, a post of Michael asking for others to help locate Deja’s whereabouts, after she’d run away from home, circulated throughout social media, proving otherwise. This took place back in 2017, and she was 14 at the time.


That was soon co-signed by Deja’s mother, Davina Evans, during a live broadcast on her Facebook page. According to Davina, Michael has allegedly been messing around with Deja, who just turned 18 in June of this year, since before she reached the legal age of consent. Davina was away in prison at the time, which she indicated was due to harming another man for molesting one of her other children. She also mentioned that she was involved with drugs—selling and using. Around 2016, Deja was adopted by someone by the name of Ashley Jackson, so we’re gathering that Deja’s relationship with her biological mother hasn’t been the most stable throughout the years.

To add insult to injury, the mother stated that she and Michael have also had sexual relations, a couple of years prior to Michael and Deja Haugabook tying the knot, and the inappropriate advances made toward her didn’t stop… well after that. Although Deja knew this information, it obviously wasn’t enough to hold her back from moving forward with her decision to continue her relationship with Michael.

While there was speculation of Deja’s toddler being conceived by Michael, it was later confirmed by her sister (Brille Driver), in a Facebook live post, that the child is not Michael’s and that the baby’s father, who is said to be named Tyrone, passed away.

Another speculation has been Michael’s age. Initially, it was believed that he was 46, then a few other blogs reported that he was 61. Official court documents, from a previous arrest on substance charges, verify that he’s actually 55.

Despite the amount of mayhem this situation has caused, Deja seems to be sticking beside Michael, and the pair are seemingly building a brand off of it. The Haugabooks have already created Instagram and YouTube accounts, and booking contact is in their bio.

Deja has spoken out, and here’s some of what she had to say about it all:

Additionally, Michael and Deja Haugabook went live on their Instagram yesterday.

In case the twisted debacle seemed like a hoax to you, well, it’s not. Michael posted the marriage license to his personal Instagram page, @mike_haugabook. See below.

Michael and Deja Haugabook marriage license


Of course, the news of The Haugabooks spread like wildfire and raised a lot of concerns.  Check out some of these Twitter reactions:

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