28 Days of Black Authors: Meet Jahquel J.

From the fast-life streets of the North to the slow-sailing tracks of the South, Jahquel J. has inimitably managed to bring her readers the raw and the real in every direction.

The super author’s journey began back in 2014, and since then, Jahquel J. has built a catalog of characters that is now deemed as the ultimate book baes and fan favorites.

With chart-toppers like Married to a Brownsville Bully and A Staten Island Love Letter, time and time again, the New York-bred storyteller succeeds at crafting protagonists we love to hate and antagonists we hate to love.

You can always expect the unexpected from a Jahquel J. novel, and that’s exactly why every drop has supporters willing and waiting to read it in anticipation.

Her profound way of fiction writing leaves nothing to the imagination. Each tale is served effortlessly, with no crumbs left, satisfying the readers’ literary appetite.

Take a look at some of our favorite Jahquel J. books below!



Man loves woman. Woman loves boy who hurt her. Man sticks by woman’s side no matter what. That’s the brief way to put what Beto and Keka’s relationship is like. As much as Beto tries to save Keka, she always finds her way in harm’s path. What do you do when you’re in love with your best friend’s sister? What do you do when your best friend’s sister is in love with someone who tried to kill her? Beto is stuck between a rock and a hard place. As much as he wants to move on, he’s stuck on Keka and wanting to be everything for her. Eventually, you grow tired of being everything for someone who gives you nothing in return.

Sheik has always been used to getting whatever he wanted. With more money than he knows what to do with, he’s used to snapping his finger and having women bow down to him. Women are something to pass time with, not for settling down. That is until he meets his nephew’s best friend’s mama, Karine Harris. Everything goes out the window and he’s ready to burn his player card. Except Karine has been hurt and doesn’t trust easily. Karine Harris’s attention is something that Sheik’s money can’t buy.

Karine got pregnant at sixteen and had her son young. With her parents and sister by her side, she was able to raise her son into the respectful kid that he is. She sacrificed so much of herself being a mother that she doesn’t have a life. Outside of her best friend, Karine is boring and doesn’t have time for men. With her deadbeat sound cloud rapper baby father, Karine swore that she’d never give a man her heart again. That is until she meets Sheik, and even Karine herself has to admit… She Ain’t Never Met A N*gga Like Sheik.



Jahquel J


Bless has always held his younger brothers down, even when one catches a drug charge and is sentenced to five years in prison. Bless continued to put his feet to the ground and build their empire in his brother’s absence. Bless had love once upon a time ago, and it was snatched away from him. He didn’t think he would find another like Shai… that is until Ace Saffrino comes waltzing into his life.

When a video goes viral of Polite rapping in prison, every record label and manager in New York is beating down his door to sign him. At the visiting table with Bless, he makes his older brother promise to get out the game and use their money for good. Five years later, Polite is out of prison and ready for change. The same streets he used to run; he doesn’t feel the same excitement for. He’s also the co-owner of Raw Records, one of the hottest record labels in New York.

Ace Saffrino is a blogger from Brooklyn. She started her celebrity blog, Aced, while pregnant with her daughter. With her daughter and a celebrity tattoo baby father that she’s madly in love with, she has her hands full. Now a few years later, she has millions of followers and is making strides in the blogging community. When Ace gets an invite to attend a listening party for one of Raw Record’s artists, she never expects to run into slick-mouthed Bless Callaghan.

Sinclair is a wedding planner, who had plans on becoming a singer. When singing didn’t pay the bills, she followed her parents’ advice, went to college, and fell into her career – literally. When she goes with her best friend, Ace to a listening party, she runs into no other than Polite. When their worlds collide, nothing will ever be the same for Sin. Will Polite help her rediscover that love for music? Or will Sinclair continue to play it safe, like she has all her life?



Jahquel J


Yoshon Santana ran Brownsville, Brooklyn with an iron fist. When his fiancée fell ill, he stepped back and allowed his sister, Yolani to step in his place. After the death of his fiancée, the streets didn’t do it for him. The same streets he gave his all to, didn’t give him anything in return anymore. Allowing his sister to take over, he stepped back and watched from a distance. With a possible girlfriend, Yoshon just wants to find someone to love. Every woman he encounters doesn’t hold his interest. At thirty-eight, he’s looking for a wife, kids, and the white picket fence that surrounds his mansion. One night during one of New York’s infamous blizzards, he comes across a woman sleeping in her car with a little boy. That night alters his life, and he doesn’t even know it when he tries to offer his help to the beauty in the car.

Cars, mansions, and money were what twenty-five-year-old Golden had become accustomed to. Until, her husband, Grand decided that she deserved a few black eyes to match the luxurious life he provided for her and their son. Packing up and disappearing, Golden finds herself back in her hometown waiting to reconnect with the grandmother she left many years ago. When things don’t go as planned, she finds herself working two jobs, washing up in public restrooms, and sleeping in her 2004 Nissan maxima with her seven-year-old son, Gyan. There’s no such thing as a guardian angel, especially one with timbs and a Tesla. Does Golden let her guard and pride down to allow Yoshon’s help? Or will she continue struggling on the same Brownsville streets she left years prior?

Hazel is married to Yolani and loves her wife with everything. The one thing she hates is the disrespect and her undying loyalty to the streets. Hazel is tired of coming second to Yolani and the streets. While running her nail shop, an old boyfriend from the past pops back into her life and shakes things up. Will Hazel backpedal to her ex? Or does she toughen up and fight for the woman she married?

Yolani stepped into her brother’s size thirteen Timberland boots and runs the streets the way she sees fit. With a nagging wife at home, plethora of women at her fingertips, and more money than she knows what to do with, the last thing she’s thinking about is settling down or stepping back from the streets. What Yolani hasn’t learned is that those same streets that she runs, are the same streets that will swallow you whole and spit you out. With a secret she’s hiding, will the skeletons finally come barging out of the closet? Will Hazel deal with being married to a Brownsville Bully? Or will she walk away from the love of her life to receive the real love she deserves?



Jahquel J


The year is 2008 and eighteen-year-old Kenni and her best friend Saylor are Brooklyn’s hottest thing walking. Kenni, looking for a man to wife her up and spoil her, and Saylor, looking for a man to put her onto the hustle. Both have different goals, but same outcome; money. While Kenni is giving every hustler with money her attention, Haze, her neighbor is in love with her. Kenni could care less about Haze because his braids are nappy, sneakers are dirty and he doesn’t live in a big mansion, he lives in the apartment next to hers in Marcy Projects. After finally being tired of Kenni playing him, Haze decides to let her see what the life of a hustler’s wife is really about.

When Bridge comes onto the block and locks eyes with Kenni, he knows that he has to make her his. Bridge, A Kingpin from Maryland, decided to spend his summer in Brooklyn and make money at the same time. Once his eyes are set on Kenni, he can’t forget the beauty, and he won’t stop until he makes her his. Being Bridge’s girl comes with a lot more than money, clothes, and cars. And Kenni soon finds out that being a hustler’s girl isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Darren is Bridge’s cousin and has eyes for Saylor. While Darren works for Bridge, he still has enough money to spread around. Especially to his wife and children in Philly. Saylor and Darren enter a dangerous situation where any one of their hearts could end up broken. While Darren just wants a side piece in Brooklyn for the summer, Saylor wants to learn the drug game and be on top, while being with Darren. The golden rule Saylor makes Darren promise is not to break her heart… Will Darren break the rule? Or, will he become so caught up in Saylor that he’s ready to leave his wife?

Two girls with two different goals, but one thing for sure; All The Dope Boys ‘Gon Feel Her.




Royalty is engaged to be married to the love of her life…. well, who she keeps telling herself is the love of life. Kansas locked Royalty down soon as she became of age. Tossing diamonds, cars, and a fat rock on her finger, everybody knew that Royalty was off-limits. Except Lord. Lord has always had a crush on Royalty before he got locked up. Once he was released, Royalty was engaged to Kansas and planning a wedding. Never one to give up, he continued to pursue Royalty not caring how Kansas felt about it. When Royalty and Lord cross the line, will she still be Kansas’ girl? Or will that crossed line cause her and Lord to go their separate ways?

Celine is always down to ride for her husband, Sha. Known to run her barbershop during the day and bust her gun whenever her man needs her to, she’s known as Lady Sha in the street. Sha and Celine’s marriage was perfect until the death of their daughter. While Sha wants another baby, Celine can’t get over the loss of their daughter. When someone starts messing with his family, Sha is ready to pull his guns out blazing to find out who’s bold enough to mess with the Capo family. What happens when it’s someone that they all know? Will Sha be able to protect his family? Or will he fall short?

Autumn has escaped her abusive baby father and started over with her son in New York. She loves working for Celine and coming home to her son at the end of the day. That is until Zigz sits in her chair with his fine looks, smart mouth, and crazy antics. She realizes that both the Capo brothers have a few screws missing, but love just as hard. Zigz is one to pick up his bags and go off for weeks at a time. Known to never have a chick around for more than a week, he can’t get his mind off of Autumn. A woman who could teach him a few things is his type of woman. When Autumn’s ex comes into the picture and does the unimaginable, Zigz isn’t here for it. Will Zigz listen to Autumn and let karma do his job, or will he become karma?

In this book, nothing is what it seems except the realness of these relationships. While Celine and Sha are happily married, marriage is a work in progress, and only the strongest survive. Lord and Royalty have a friendship before anything else, but will their friendship survive these new feelings they both start feeling? Autumn is used to being with a man who doesn’t know her worth. Although Zigz is crazy, he loves hard and knows how to treat a woman, but will Autumn give him that chance? Everybody has come to that point when they’ve all said “I can’t be the one you love.”


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