Black-Owned Greeting Card Company Adeyemi Artistry Meets All Your Holiday Needs

Adeyemi Artistry Valentines Day Greeting Card

Negus Adeyemi honed his talent for poetry after graduating from college. A late start in poetry circles, but he found quick success. In 2017, trying to find new ways to market his poetry he decided to launch Adeyemi Artistry. The company creates unique cultural art events that include poetry and many other forms of art, and also is home to his poetic greeting cards.

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Negus Adeyemi founder of Adeyemi Artistry
Negus Adeyemi

The Adeyemi Artistry greeting cards are year round with cards for Black History Month, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Graduation and of course Valentine’s Day. Cards feature unique poems and Black art.

Adeyemi Artistry is a MWBE certified business, along with being a NYC certified vendor we are also a vendor for NYCDOE.

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In addition to the greeting cards Negus still performs poetry whenever the opportunity arises. Adeyemi Artistry also puts together events and workshops for young people on a variety of topics including creative writing. A man of many talents, Negus has even released a number of poetry books dating back to 2009.

Adeyemi Artistry Mother's Day Card

Adeyemi Artistry Fathers Day Greeting Card








The Adeyemi Artistry greeting cards are available in select stores in parts of New York City and New Jersey.  They can also be ordered online on his site HERE.

FB/IG/Twitter: @adeyemiartistry

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