Fans Think Teyana Taylor is FireFly on The Masked Singer

Teyana Taylor FireFly on The Masked Singer

Fans think Teyana Taylor is FireFly on The Masked Singer and that’s on period! As we know, The Masked Singer has famous singers performing in costume and it’s up to equally famous judges to guess the true identities of the entertainers in question based on their vocals and the clues they give.  

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Now, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this on Twitter since Taylor retired from music in 2020, according to RevoltTV. Unfortunately, Taylor felt that she was underappreciated on her label. However, after hearing Firefly’s vocals AND reading on Yahoo News that the clues she gave the judges were Tyler Perry and New York City, I’m convinced Firefly is Taylor Taylor too. 

Here’s a video of Firefly’s Performance

Needless to say, the fans know their fav! 

If this really is Teyana Taylor like I feel it is in my gut, I hope she announces that she’s out of retirement with a new album or new single shortly after the reveal. Let’s see how far FireFly can go without being unmasked. This should be interesting!

Do y’all think Teyana Taylor is FireFly on The Masked Singer? Comment below.

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