Gay, White Tik Tok User Gets Backlash for Lauryn Hill Tattoo

Lauryn Hill Tattoo

Tik Tok user, Ashton_got_baez, has a Lauryn Hill tattoo on his bicep and the internet isn’t feeling it. When I saw Lauryn Hill trending, I thought she was announcing a solo tour or posting that The Fugees’ 25-year Reunion tour was back on the table. Imagine my disappointment when I read through the tweets.

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@ashton_got_baezi’m my biggest problem and da only solution.♬ I Get Out (Live) – Lauryn Hill

Ashton posted a video on Tik Tok of him lip-syncing lyrics to Hill’s song, “I Get Out It,” from her MTV Unplugged album. As he’s lip-syncing, there’s a big Lauryn Hill tattoo on his forearm, which looks new since that area is bright red. Ashton’s tattoo is from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album cover, which is similar to Kehlani’s tattoo. He actually gave Kehlani a shout-out when he first revealed his tattoo.

Social media was outraged about Ashton’s Lauryn Hill tattoo because her song is about systematic racism yet he doesn’t represent that struggle. 

Ashton recently posted on Tik Tok and doubled down on his tattoo. He said, “…I just want to hop on here and say…I love my fucking tattoo and I’m sending love to each and every one of you. ‘Cause Idgaf anymore. I tried to give a fuck, bitches still get mad. So what am I doing from now on? Not giving a fuck. And I’m gonna walk in my light because I’m healed as shit…

@ashton_got_baezy’all gotta realize real life aint like online lmao also imma need black twitter to heal cuz oof it lacks love n light heavily♬ original sound – Ashton Baez

Ashton_got_baez has a Puerto Rican flag in his bio, so he isn’t a traditional European white person. However, he is still considered white, so he is still appropriating. Twitter user @Renoccoli summed it up by tweeting this:

Should there be more open conversations about white latinx people and black culture or is this just another drag of a white person appropriating and we leave it at that? Leave a comment below!

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