Amber Ali Reveals She is Dropping Her Lawsuit Against Joseline Hernandez & Zeus Network

Amber Ali lawsuit dropped

Maybe it was all about ratings after all?  Or in the end, maybe Joseline was right and the contracts were that tight.  Either way, the Amber Ali lawsuit has been dropped.  We previously wrote about the lawsuit, last month, seeking upwards of $25 million in damages from Joseline Hernandez, Ballistic and Zeuz Network.  The Amber Ali Joseline Hernandez lawsuit stemmed from a fight which took place at the Joseline’s Cabaret reunion special taping.

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Amber Ali initially claimed that she was assaulted at the reunion taping for the Zeus network show by Joseline and her beau Ballistic.  Other cast members joined in on the suit, and posted on social media following the incident, claiming Joseline was on drugs and that she came to the taping with intent on fighting.

None of that may matter now that the Amber Ali lawsuit has been dropped.

Amber revealed that she was moving on with a social media post.

I’m making it public that I am no longer seeking legal action against @thezeusnetwork Joseline or Ballistic,
It’s all in the past and im moving on. @lemuelplummer thanks for understanding,” she shared along with a written statement. Lemuel Plummer is the founder of Zeus Network.


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A post shared by Amber Ali (@msamberali)

“I am putting this entire ordeal behind me…” That message was the keynote of the statement.

Shortly after the post, Lemuel shared a screenshot and shared a short statement as well:

🙏🏾 We appreciate @msamberali taking steps to resolve things and move forward peacefully. We look forward to maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with all involved.

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