These Are The Best “A Night of R&B” Verzuz Fan Reactions – Pleasure P, Bobby V, Ray J, Sammie, Omarion & Mario Broke A Record!

These “A Night of R&B” Verzuz fan reactions are hilarious! I was anticipating this Verzuz. I love Omarion and Mario. I enjoy Pleasure P, Bobby V, Ray J, and Sammie’s music. But what occurred on Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz between all these artists… sigh Let’s start from the pre-battle:

Pleasure P and Sammie Verzuz Ray J and Bobby V

It was clear that everyone was drinking before the show because they came on the stage lit. They were talking sh!t, obviously, because it’s a battle. But as they drank and sang their hits, egos started to take over. For starters, we knew Ray J wasn’t a singer like that but Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie took over his song, “One Wish” when it was his turn to sing. It got so bad that Ray J had to ask for him to sing his own songs. When they did allow him to sing, he blamed his son for being off-key. Yes, he blamed his baby.

Towards the end of the pre-battle, Pleasure P got upset because they tried to cut the battle short (it was already long), which didn’t allow Sammie and Pleasure P to finish their hits. Meanwhile, they tried to get Bobby V to close their session with two songs. Pleasure P thought that was unfair and told the audience that Ray J rigged it because he sponsored the event through Raycon.

Pleasure P and Sammie proceeded to extend their session, regardless of being told that their set was over. Verzuz are going to get what they want so after Pleasure P and Sammie finished, Ray J and Bobby V finished singing two more songs. Eventually, they got all of them off stage only for the intermission to be long.

Pre Battle Verzuz Fan Reactions





Omarion Verzuz Marioย 

When Omarion and Mario finally got to the stage, the crowd screamed. Omarion and Mario gave each other their flowers for their career achievements when they first got on stage and then proceeded to talk sh!t. Unfortunately, Mario was the only one out of the two to back it up.

Omarion and his brother bit into a watermelon to imply they give good oral sex and brought out a number of guests including Tank, Jeremih, Tommy the Clown with his Krumpers, but still lost the Verzuz. Why? Because Omarion’s live vocals were off-key and shaky.

Omarion had some moments of saving grace like when Tank came out and gave him the right note on a song. He even sounded great singing back up for some of Mario’s songs during the battle. However, fans agree that Mario won this battle by a land slide.

Omarion and Mario Verzuz Fan Reactions












This Verzuz was long AF

Apparently, this Verzuz is the longest one Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have ever had since Instagram extended their live streams. So Pleasure P, Bobby V, Ray J, Sammie, Omarion and Mario broke a record!



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