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Social Media Reacts to TD Jakes Daughter, Cora Jakes Coleman Divorce & Baby Stealing Allegations

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Social media has been going crazy about the WILD stories of the Cora Jakes Coleman divorce and baby stealing allegations.

Summary of the Story

Cora Jakes Coleman is the daughter of the megachurch pastor, TD Jakes.  Cora Jakes Coleman and her ex-husband, Brandon Coleman, have allegedly preyed on a young black mother in Texas name Michelle Loud to gain custody of her baby.

Michelle Loud made her grievances and experiences public after Cora’s ex-husband was arrested for child sexual abuse. It seems like that was one of the main reasons behind Cora divorcing him. Loud said she experienced homelessness after a long-term relationship ended and postpartum depression when her baby, Jason, was born. When Michelle reconnected with Cora, she said Cora took advantage of her vulnerability.

Since Cora struggles with infertility, Loud accuses her of using her depressive state, homelessness and lack of funds to adopt her child. Cora even recorded Michelle talking about her depression and used it against her in court.

Michelle didn’t have enough money to pay her lawyer, so Cora’s family allegedly paid off her lawyer, the judge and Michelle’s legal fees to gain custody of her baby, Jason. Allegedly, Cora was able to pay off the judge because the judge, Faith Johnson, is a prominent member of TD Jakes church, The Potter’s House. Check out the video below:

How did the story become viral? 

Cora Jakes Coleman’s divorce and baby stealing allegations went viral after Stefannie Hall talked about the story on TikTok. She did a thorough investigation of Cora Jakes Coleman, Judge Faith Johnson, Brandon Coleman and Jakes’ family. You can click the image to go straight to the video or click here.

Cora Jakes Coleman DivorceStefannie Hall has about 50/11 videos breaking down the case to the point where she now has a YouTube dedicated to Cora Jakes Coleman’s divorce and baby stealing allegations.

It gets so deep that Hall finds out the baby’s real name isn’t even Jason. She also finds out that Cora has been collecting dolls for YEARS and named one of the dolls Jason prior to adopting Loud’s baby. There’s even a breakdown of why The Shaderoom is not reporting on this piping hot tea (see social media reactions for the video).

What. A. SCANDAL!!!

If you want to watch all of the videos, feel free to run down the rabbit hole and get dizzy from the mess! It is ALOT to take in but very informative. She even has her following of Nosy Bystanders that are providing additional insights on the case. Apparently, Michelle Loud isn’t the only mother Cora has allegedly taken advantage of, so these women are finally getting the courage to speak out about their experiences with Cora to Hall. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Social Media Reacts to Cora Jakes Coleman’s divorce and baby stealing allegations.












Cora Jakes Coleman and the Jakes Family Make A Statement 

Cora Jakes Coleman and her family are NOT happy with the media attention this story has gotten. They insist that this is a case of people wanting attention with baseless facts. The Jakes family put out a statement about Cora’s divorce, the gossip sites reporting the story and their family’s grief to the Christian Post:

“The Jakes family endured a shocking and deeply disturbing event when the ex-husband of Cora Jakes engaged in shameful conduct. After being made aware of the allegations, Cora immediately contacted the authorities, Cora divorced the accused, and the family is attempting to heal at the same time they are fully cooperating with law enforcement.

Tragically, unkind speculation and baseless false suggestions spread by gossip sites continues to exacerbate the injuries to the family and has made the healing process even more painful and difficult. The public and mean-spirited false gossip is especially shameful since the principal victim is a minor child who will someday read about these events. 

Here are the facts as we know them today. Cora’s ex-husband is in jail, charged with the sexual abuse of a child. He is in jail because the family immediately reported the abuse to law enforcement authorities and has cooperated at every level with law enforcement and the prosecution. The family acted swiftly and without hesitation as they strongly believe in zero tolerance for any kind of abuse. This matter does not involve The Potter’s House. Cora is personally devastated by the events and deserves the privacy and respect of someone who wrestles with feeling responsible for events for which she had no control. 

Despite slanderous attempts to smear Cora Jakes, her children were properly adopted through a multi-year process with numerous checks and reviews. This process is afforded to anyone in the United States of America and there was no preferential treatment given to Cora. Any claims to the contrary are false and defamatory. As adoptions are bound by law, the applicable documents and court proceedings preclude detailed public commentary.

The Jakes family is attempting to heal itself, the minor child that has been abused, and the adults who are also traumatized by these events. It is unfortunate that perpetuating baseless gossip will only risk greater pain and injury to the minor as this child will have to explain to others in the future what was written about them, even though the child has no voice today. 

The Jakes family asks to be included in your prayers as they focus on healing.”

What do y’all think about Cora Jakes Coleman’s divorce and baby stealing allegations? Leave a comment below.


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