Limewire Is Back As An NFT Marketplace – Social Media Reacts

LimeWire is back as an NFT marketplace and social media isn’t feeling it. Back in the day, LimeWire used to be THE go-to place to download music illegally. Spotify and Soundcloud didn’t exist yet and if the latter did, it wasn’t popular.  And Apple Music today wasn’t how it was back then.

So, music download sites like LimeWire and Napster were our saving grace in getting the music we wanted on our iPods or Zunes. Zunes were Microsoft’s short-lived mp3 players that were the “supposed” competitor of iPods.  If you are in high school or underclassmen in college, ask your favorite auntie or uncle about the hold LimeWire had on us as a society.

LimeWire was birthed in 2000 after Napster was shut down. They stepped in to not only fill the music download gap but also provide movies, games, videos and software you could download too.

Now in 2022, LimeWire has been relaunched as a digital collectibles marketplace for people who are beginning their NFT journey, who don’t know where to start and who may not have access to getting NFTs. They’re trying to make NFTs accessible for everyone.

So if someone makes an NFT of a celebs nude pics or music cover art, you can see if you can buy it through LimeWire.

While their efforts seem admirable, social media isn’t feeling LimeWire’s relaunch! Twitter users retweeted the video with captions about how LimeWire used to give computers viruses, download audio of things they didn’t ask for like the Bill Clinton speech and other nostalgic moments of the original impact of LimeWire.








Will you use LimeWire to try out NFTs? Let us know in the comments.


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