Playboi Carti Falls Off Stage During Performance At Wireless Festival

American rapper Playboi Carti was raging so hard during his performance of “sky” at Wireless Festival in London that he fell off the stage. In the viral video, Carti can be seen vibing and hoping backward before he suddenly disappeared downward from the stage. Apparently, the rapper had no idea that he had reached the edge of the platform.

While some found the fall funny, others found it wild. Playboi Carti in the song that he was performing had a line of its lyrics say “I could fall out the sky and I still won’t feel nothing.” Could this have something to do with the great fall?

Some fans have likened the fall to a similar wild playout that brought the rapper to the headlines about a month ago – Playboi Carti was seen throwing his guitarist across the stage at the Primavera Sound music festival.

Here are different reactions from fans on Twitter.

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