How to Start a Film Production Company

starting a film production company
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The global film industry is expected to be worth $273.35 billion in 2022. You can earn some of this revenue by getting into film production. That said, creating a film production company is a challenging process.

But the good news is it’s doable. Like any other startup, you’ll need to lay a proper foundation and get the business aspects right. This article looks at five steps to starting a film production company.

1. Put the Basics on Paper 

The film industry is very diverse and quite hard to maneuver. But with clearly established basics, your film production company will meet its objectives. Take time to list the basics—like the niche you want to focus on, the company name and structure, the equipment needed, marketing needs, and other essential things. Once you establish the things you need, it will be easier to draft a business plan and file the required legal paperwork.                                                    

2.  Draft the Business Plan

A business plan holds the key to your film production company’s solid start and growth. It should explain what your company stands for and the growth direction it will take—with actionable steps. And since you have the basics on paper, creating a business plan shouldn’t be daunting. 

Ensure it includes cost estimates, funding sources, mission and vision statements, and revenue streams for the company. Balance your ambitions with what is achievable to avoid a limiting or over-ambitious business plan.

3.  Study Your Competition

Performing in-depth research on your competitors helps you stay several steps ahead. You can price your products better, improve production processes, and develop a competitive advantage. Your potential customers will compare your offerings to those of the competition and pick the best deal. 

For instance, consider somebody buying a car online. Though they may eventually buy from an online dealership like Carvana, they will compare the vehicles sold by Carvana competitors before making up their minds.

4.  Put Together a Capable Team

Your film production company will only be as strong as the team behind it. You’ll need a capable team for the company to start and stand on its feet. While film production is a labor-intensive process, you don’t need a big production team at the start. You only need to hire the essential staff like heads of the various departments—such as production and sales—and equipment technicians.

5.  Create Proof-Of-Concept Projects

Proof-of-concept projects will help your company create a name for itself in the industry and prove its capabilities. Also, you can use them to convince big studios to partner with you and to lure investors. You don’t need a full-length film as a proof of concept, short films and condensed TV pilots can do the trick. You can then post these short projects on your company’s website and social media pages to grow an online audience and build your presence.

Running a successful film production company is doable but requires lots of hard work. Put in the effort and follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be successful.

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