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Testosterone Testing at Home: What Causes Low Testosterone?

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One way to check your testosterone levels without going to the doctor would be to buy a testosterone test kit. Test kits are cheap and may be purchased online or at pharmacies, drug stores, and big retail chains. A test kit to check the testosterone level in your body should include a small vial containing testosterone, one or two tubes, and a dropper. You can do it at home, and the results should be accurate. We will discuss what you would need to do for you to get the best possible outcome.


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in the testes and other tissues, such as the ovaries and adrenal glands. Testosterone regulates sex drive, mood, and emotion. Low levels of this hormone can lead to decreased muscle strength and physical changes ordained by aging. Testosterone also influences protein metabolism and has a role in wound healing.


What Is a Testosterone Test?

A testosterone test is a blood test for the levels of this hormone. There are several types of blood tests to measure the levels of testosterone. Many health providers at their clinics will use a blood test called total testosterone assay in which all of the other endocrine hormones, including estradiol, are also measured. This helps to evaluate the overall condition of your body. A testosterone test measures the concentration of testosterone in a fluid sample, usually blood. The sample is typically obtained by pricking the skin to draw a drop of blood, which is then sent to a lab for analysis.


What Causes Low Testosterone?

The main reason why a lot of men suffer from low testosterone levels is that they are living sedentary lifestyles. There are also older men who have undergone some hormonal changes, which can only be considered a contributory factor in the case of the drop in testosterone level. Some medical conditions may contribute to low testosterone, such as obesity, hyperthyroidism, sleep apnea, and erectile dysfunction.

Can Low Testosterone Be a Cause of Peyronie’s Disease? Peyronie’s disease, or erectile dysfunction, is a condition that is primarily caused by low testosterone. Men suffering from this condition are experiencing erectile dysfunction and sexual problems that come with it. In the beginning, there may be other questions in the mind of a man on whether or not his erectile dysfunction has something to do with his low testosterone level. The signs of low testosterone can be severe enough for a man to notice it.


Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

A lot of signs of low testosterone are seen in men, and most of them are easily noticeable. One should not ignore them, or else one could end up trying to get professional help from a physician. You may also consider getting your testosterone levels checked by a doctor if you notice these signs.

  1. Loss of libido

Loss of sexual libido is usually the first sign of low testosterone. Some men feel their sexual desire is waning, although they still have plenty of energy and stamina to go with their age. This condition is a sign that the testosterone levels in your body are getting less, and you may end up doing nothing about it, which could end up worse.

  1. Weight Gain

This is not an uncommon sign; most men who are suffering from this one have been gaining weight. The amount of weight a man gains usually correlates directly to the amount of testosterone he is producing. The high levels will make you gain more fat, but if the levels are low, then that can be something you will want to consider.

  1. Trouble Focusing

One of the signs of low testosterone is trouble focusing. This can be manifested in different ways, but it is not enough for you to ignore it. You may experience a bit of memory loss or find it hard to focus on things such as reading and comprehending what you have read. This is a sign that you are suffering from low testosterone levels, and you must correct it fast before the problem worsens.

  1. Fatigue

A lot of men find that they have less energy. They will also feel tired even when the amount of sleep they get is the same. This is because there is a decline in testosterone levels, which will lead to fatigue. You will want to avoid fatigue in your daily life because it can make you feel sick and depressed, making it harder for you to fight fatigue. Fatigue is a sign that you are suffering from low testosterone levels, and you should treat it.


How To Diagnose Low Testosterone?

To diagnose low testosterone at home, use a testosterone test kit. Testosterone levels will be measured with a blood test. This can measure the amount of free, unbound, or circulating testosterone in your bloodstream, which your body uses for everyday functions. A testosterone test kit can be purchased from the pharmacy. The clinical laboratory that does the test should be in your health provider’s area for accurate results.

You must seek medical attention as soon as you notice these signs. If you have been going about your daily routine and have not seen these symptoms and signs, your testosterone levels are still pretty good, and it is not a cause for alarm. It would be best if you still considered getting checked by a doctor to be sure, as some men don’t show the early signs of taking time to get fit.


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