5 Types of Women’s Shoes & When to Wear Them?

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Women’s appearance is everything. Unlike men, women tend to pay deep attention to every detail of their looks. They must be flawless from head to toe. It’s simply in the nature of women to dress well and look perfect. That’s why shoes are an essential part of their outfits.

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With dozens of options, you have the chance to look as good as you want. Pick the perfect ones for you, match them ideally with your clothes, and leave an impression on the people you want. There’s something about the right shoes that make a woman look fabulous.

It may be with the fact that many women’s shoes are on heels. Heels make the leg longer, and a long leg is a synonym for beauty. Not all shoes are on a platform, though, and they can still make a staggering change in appearance. Keep reading to see five different types of women’s shoes and when you should wear them.

1. Stilettos

Stilettos are shoes with thin heels that look like they were invented by a guy who loves Brazilian hot salsa dancing. They were actually invented by the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo and had an astonishing beauty. Although many different styles and models are available on the market, they all have class and beauty.

Just look at the Verali stilettos – they are so elegant. You can wear them anywhere. Although made for less conventional events, they are still classy and glamorous. The best place to wear stilettos is parties, unofficial gatherings where you want to look great, weddings, and nightclubs. Summer is the best time for stilettos.

2. Pumps

Pumps and stilettos are often confused, but they have several major differences. One difference is that pumps rarely have straps on them, while this is a trademark for stilettos. The pumps are elegant and classy. They range from minimalist shoes on heels that glow confidently to dresses with multiple features.

Pumps are perfect for nearly all occasions. They are the type of shoes you can’t go wrong with. Business meetings, love dates, brunch time, all these events are perfectly fine wearing pumps. The height of the heels determines how formal and glamorous you want to be.

3. Oxfords

Although not so popular in the past, women’s oxfords gained tremendous popularity during the last few years. Oxfords are man shoes designed in England in the 1800s. Students from Oxford used to wear knee-high boots with high heels, but they were lowered down to medium.

Women of today find these shoes exceptionally comfortable and practical. Being shorter than men, women often love wearing shoes on heels. Although oxfords have low heels, they are still enough to add a few centimeters and keep the comfort when walking. They are perfect for work, school, and running errands while still looking classy and attractive.

4. Sneakers

White sneakers are a must. Have a few different white sneakers that will be great for various occasions. A few decades back, only athletes wore them, but today, they go perfectly with jeans, long dresses, and even suits. Of course, they still go ideally with trousers and other sportswear.

Unconventional gatherings, daytime parties, and sporting events are the best places to wear white sneakers. If you want to look cool and fashionable, you should wear sneakers from time to time. Even if you’re not really into this casual, laid-back outfit, it’s great to feel comfortable and know you look fabulous here and there.

5. Boots

From short up-to-the-glove boots to high-legged leather boots – these shoes are a must for every woman’s closet. Most commonly worn in winter, leather boots are perfect when you need to stay warm and look classy. Black high leather boots are also a fantasy of many men, so wearing them means provoking those that are meant for.

Match them with a midi or mini skirt and a long coat. When the coat is on you, people will only see so much, but when you get where you’re headed and take off the coat, that’s when the real magic starts. Boots are excellent for date nights, outdoor events, and formal gatherings where you need to show class.

Bonus: Flats

Flats are the kinds of shoes that no woman should ever buy. Although a highly comfortable shoe, all flats make women look like they have flat feet. Men absolutely hate them, and they are not worth your time and money. They’ll only ruin your appearance and are tough to match with anything.


If you want to be cool and good-looking, you need the perfect shoes for every specific occasion. You must know when and where you wear the right outfit. With the content above, you should have it easy deciding what to wear at particular events, but you will also know what you need to go shopping for first. Get the required items and always look sharp.

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