5 Tips for Choosing This Season’s Swimwear in Australia

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The summer is almost here, and everyone in Australia is excited about their upcoming vacations and enjoying the beach. With thousands of kilometres of amazing seashores, Australia is one of the best places to enjoy some time on the beach.

Millions of people in big cities across the continent will go to the seaside resorts, enjoy the beach bars’ parties, and tan under the hot summer sun. Of course, don’t forget to add sunscreen, so you don’t get burned and risk a more serious health problem.

Another essential thing to think about before heading to the beach is the swimsuit. Of course, you want to look flawless and feel comfortable at the same time. Choosing swimwear may seem simple, but it never is. Follow this short guide that takes you through the 2023 trends and find the best swimsuit for the upcoming season.

1. Pick bright and positive colours

Unlike before, when classy swimwear was only one colour, black or white, trends change, and brighter and bolder colours are trending. Just look at this Splish Splash swimwear, and you’ll see how things are changing in the swimwear fashion world.

What is your favourite colour? It may be pink or red, so feel free to get one with your favourite one. The colours that will be trending this summer are green, blue, and a mix of turquoise with others. Feel free and liberated and enjoy the chance to wear these colours. You might not have another chance if your style is more formal.

2. Opt for straps and strings

Simple, clean lines will dominate the next spring and summer seasons, and the swimwear made won’t be any different. You can expect clothes with lots of strings and straps to be tight in the back, behind the neck, and on your hips.

That will allow you a variety of options and variations. You can make combinations and experiment with older and new pieces of swimwear. Your swimsuit doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new. You can get an old model you have in your closet and have a mix of new and old by strapping and tying knots here and there.

3. Prints are in

Another thing that was standard for women’s swimsuits in the past was the absence of prints and colour variations. Now, things are changing for the better, and you can expect a lot of cool prints of your swimwear. You’ll see lines, flowers, hearts, and even written text on your swimwear.

If you go minimal and only have small bikinis, it will be tougher to expect something interesting written that will grab the attention of nearby folks, but opting for a one-piece suit will give you a chance to experiment and wear something you really love. This season is a chance to do almost anything you want and easily pull it off.

4. Vintage looks cooler than ever

We all witnessed how fashion returns often, and this year we witnessed how vintage swimwear is returning. You will see lots of knitted swimsuits and pieces that remind you of the 50s and 60s. They are all beautiful, and you can get a feeling of how times were when our parents and grandparents first visited the beaches.

The combination between old styles and new fashion ideas is something you can enjoy. You have the chance to get and wear vintage-looking pieces that are made with fantastic modern fabrics. It’s a great way to enjoy the past and modern technologies.

5. Minimalistic bikinis are equally valuable as one-piece suits

Which one do you prefer – a bikini made so minimalistic that you can show your glamorous body or a one-piece suit that will cover most of your body and only leave the arms and legs under the sun? Whichever you choose, be sure that you’re not far from the trends.

This year, like no other before, every girl will have the freedom to pick whichever she wants and not worry about whether she’s trendy or not. Even women not following trends will experience how it is to be at the centre of attention because whether they want to or not, they’ll wear trendy clothes.


As you can see, the trends have changed from last year, and this one will be different. You can expect a lot of fun colours, prints, and joyful wear. You also can dive into the vintage style and opt for a swimsuit that will look like the one worn in the 60s.

If you prefer something less vintage, you can still find excellent green or blue bikinis and rock the beach with your flawless body. Follow the trends, get new swimwear, and enjoy the summer at the Australian beaches. It may be the best summer in your life.

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