What is Cryptocurrency NEO and How Does It Work?

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Crypto is not associated with Bitcoin only anymore – there are over 21 000 digital assets that have different goals and applications. Among the variety of different DeFi, metaverse, NFT, and other crypto projects existing in the market, the most valuable are those connecting the real sector with blockchain technologies. We would like to talk about one worthy project in the industry – NEO crypto.

What is NEO Coin?

The cryptocurrency NEO project was founded in 2014 with the purpose of opening the opportunity for real sector assets to be digitized and used in the crypto field. The project received great popularity in China and organized an IXO where the NEO developers raised significant funds for future NEO development.

NEO coin allows tokenizing assets from the real world. The project founders believe that tokenisation is the core of the future economy. So this project has all the chances to boost in the future.

Let’s see some characteristics of the cryptocurrency NEO project:

  • supports popular programming languages;
  • provides speedy transactions;
  • works on smart contracts.

The platform is based on the principle of centralisation, so it has nothing to do with users’ privacy. That is the only drawback of the NEO project.

What Crypto Exchange to Use for Buying NEO Coin?

Crypto investment is risky. So you should evaluate all the risks you take when buying crypto. Read the analysts’ predictions, and analyze price charts and external factors that affect the crypto market. Besides, crypto trading requires a reliable and convenient service. An example of such a service is WhiteBIT – the largest crypto exchange in Europe with over 450 crypto pairs and fiat-crypto conversion. The platform is safe for trading and investment; it holds most part of the funds offline and offers several layers of protection for every client’s account.

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