A Comparative Analysis: Difference Between Argumentative And Persuasive Essay

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Essay writing features two main forms. These include argumentative essays and persuasive essays. Although they may appear akin upon initial examination, notable disparities set them apart. Grasping these dissimilarities is vital. It assumes paramount significance to captivate readers and convey the desired message effectively. Writers aptly tailor their approach by discerning the nuances between the two forms. They end up selecting the most appropriate style to suit their objectives. While both essays aim to persuade, they diverge in their primary focus. Also, their approaches differ in techniques employed and intended outcomes. We will unravel the distinct differences in this exploration of argumentation and persuasion. We will further cover the merits of each genre. Thus, we’ll equip writers with the insights to help them harness their full potential.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a type of academic writing that aims to convince the reader. It convinces the reader to adopt the writer’s perspective or take a specific action. The primary goal of that paper is to persuade or influence the reader. It does this through the use of logical reasoning and emotional appeals. The writer presents their argument and supports it with various backups. These include evidence, examples, and relevant facts. The purpose is to sway the reader’s opinion. It is part of the strategy to encourage readers to agree with their viewpoint.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is another type of academic writing that presents arguments. It presents evidence to support a specific claim or position. Unlike persuasive writing, the argumentative essay has two main objectives. These include persuading the reader and engaging in a rational debate or discussion. In an argumentative essay, the writer explores different topic perspectives. The writer also provides counterarguments to strengthen their stance.

Professional essay writers often specialize in crafting argumentative essays. These writers possess the necessary expertise to help in different areas. The writers help research, analyze different viewpoints, and present logical arguments. By employing skilled writers, students obtain well-structured and compelling essays. Readers get essays that offer their genuine opinions and engage readers.

The Main Difference Between Argumentative and Persuasive Essay

Argumentative and Persuasive Essay

Several vital elements come into play when assessing the two essays. These include:

●     Purpose

An argumentative author wants the reader to embrace their viewpoint as absolute truth. In contrast, a persuasive author persuades the reader to align their perspective.

●     General Technique

Argumentation essays combine relevant reasons and credible data. Writers do this to showcase the writer’s argument as valid. In contrast, persuasive essays intertwine opinions and feelings using evidence to persuade the reader that the author’s perspective is “correct.”

●     Audience

Argumentative essays need a specific target audience. The papers lack this since they aim to present the truth without catering to a particular group. In contrast, persuasive papers have a target audience the author addresses. Individuals communicate within the group to seek support or fulfill a specific need.

●     Point of View

Argumentative essays adopt an objective third-person perspective, addressing multiple facets of an issue. In contrast, persuasive papers utilize the first-person (I) and second-person (you) perspectives. It is done to engage the audience directly.

●     Attitude

Argumentative essay authors uphold a tone of impartiality and reasonableness to maintain a respectful and formal demeanor. In contrast, persuasion writers “go after” their readers more aggressively. They utilize emotional strategies such as motivation, inspiration, or manipulation. Persuasive writing is personal, passionate, and evokes emotions.

●     Perspectives Presented

Argumentative writing acknowledges contrasting viewpoints within a pros and cons composition. They thus provide a comprehensive analysis. Persuasive papers, however, focus on the author’s view. The intent is to refute opposing perspectives through logic, reasoning, and evidence.

●     Starting Point

Persuasive Essay

Argumentative essays begin by doing preliminary research on a debatable topic. Next, choose the strongest side, gather facts, and research. In contrast, persuasion papers begin by picking a topic of interest. They then select a side to advocate for and proceed with the writing process.

●     Support

Argumentative essays rely on logical reasons. Writers should substantiate these reasons via facts, data, expert quotes, and evidence. It is necessary to do that to convince the audience. In contrast, persuasive writing relies on opinions, emotions, and the author’s passion. Their strategies count on the reader’s emotions to achieve their objectives.


In conclusion, a comprehensive understanding of the differences between the two essays is essential. It empowers writers to customize their approach and captivate their audience aptly. Discerning the unique purposes and techniques in each form of discourse is vital. Assessing the target audiences, perspectives, and attitudes is also crucial. It enables writers to construct appeals that are meaningful to the audience. The decision to employ any writing hinges upon the desired outcome. It further relies on the writer’s intended impact on their audience. Thus, writers must adapt their strategies accordingly. The goal is to do this to assert the absolute truth or sway opinions via emotional appeals.

Embracing the differences between the two essay papers is essential. This skill gives writers the necessary versatility and insight. This will enable them to navigate the diverse terrain of effective written communication. Ultimately, writers must master the art of both argumentation and persuasion. Doing this allows them to wield their words effectively. As a result, they’ll find it easy to leave a lasting impression on their readers.

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