6 Factors To Consider When Buying Wine

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Do you like drinking wine? But you do not have much knowledge about the stuff. Well, you are not alone. And it does not matter much when you order wine at a restaurant. The staff will recommend the best wine according to your taste, preferences, and meal. But when you are buying wine yourself from the labyrinth of choices on the shelves of a supermarket or online, it can be confusing. Wine is not exactly cheap (the good ones). So, knowing how to buy the best wines is always better. With so many brands producing wines, finding the best one is challenging. Some wines pair well with foods, but most have a similar taste. So, how do you find the best wine? Here are a few factors to consider.

Start with rose or white wine.

Are you new to the world of wine? Then, before you jump into the world of distinctive and complex red or dry red wine flavors, start with something sweet. For newcomers, white wine or rose is perfect. It has a sweet taste and is light, making it ideal for developing a palate for wines. After you get accustomed to white or rose wine, you can expand your palate to taste delicious red wines.

Take notes from other flavors you enjoy.

Surely the flavors you find in wine are unique. But that doesn’t mean the flavors you enjoy in food and other beverages can’t influence your wine choice. It can highly influence what flavors of wine you will like. For instance, if you like sweets, you may enjoy a sweeter wine, like a few Australian wines known for their distinctive sweet taste. On the other hand, if you like a bitter taste, a wine high in acidity may be up your alley. While choosing wine, ask these questions:

  • Are you an apple juice lover, or do you prefer grapefruit? The former will likely like sweet white wine better than the latter. People who prefer grapefruit might find dry white wine better.
  • Are you a black coffee drinker or a latte drinker? If the answer is black, you prefer acidic wine from the old world, like Spain, Italy, or France, the original makers of wine. But if you prefer lattes, you might like wines from the New World, Australian wines, South Africa, and the USA.

Alcohol percent

Knowing the alcohol content of the wine you are buying is essential. You do not want to drink any wine that is pure alcohol, especially daily, as it harms your liver. Alcohol by volume measures the amount of alcohol in a beverage. Pure ethanol has 100% ABV. If you mix water in it, the amount reduces. When buying wine, look for something that doesn’t have over 14% ABV. Most websites selling wine will have this information.

Old or younger wines

There is a perception that as wine ages, it tastes better. However, it isn’t the truth. Not every wine tastes better with age. Different wines taste differently after aging. For instance, it’s essential to look at the date when buying red wines, as they taste better as they age. All the other wines are best for a few years only, and you should consume them promptly.


One of the factors to consider when choosing a wine is the winemaker. Whether you are a merchant or an individual wine grower, knowing the best producer in your region helps. For instance, the Franzia and Mondavi families in the US produce the highest-quality wine. But not every wine will have the same name, and sometimes brands sell under different names.


Another factor to consider when buying wine is the occasion. Are you buying wine to share with friends or to enjoy yourself? Are you buying the wine to pair with a meal, like maybe a chocolate dessert? Or are you buying the wine for cooking? Knowing the answers to all these questions will help you pick the best wine.

Finding a wine you like is challenging but trust your taste and instinct. Take help from the other foods and drinks preferences. You must buy a wine you will like. All this will help you choose the best wine for yourself.

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