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Burna Boy’s ‘I Told Them’ Album Lyrics in the Spotlight

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Afrofusion artist, Burna boy, nicknamed “African Gaint,” who released his fifth studio album titled “I told them” has been poetically praised and criticised for his album lyrics. Everyone has been talking about the 15-song album that includes guest appearances from artists such as Dave, J. Cole, and 21 Savage, to name a few.

The A-list African recording artist whose past songs, like “Yeye,” have been universally lauded. The words to his song “Las Las” grew increasingly well-known, and the music itself became a standard accompaniment for listening to when one is feeling heartbroken.

Burna Boy’s ‘I Told Them’ album features a number of wonderful lines that you will want to listen to again and over again. These are just a few examples of the thought-provoking and inspiring lyrics that can be found throughout the album by the King of AfroFusion. 

Here are some of the best lyrics from Burna Boy’s ‘I Told Them’ album

“If I call you my brother then you best believe you’re stuck with me”- Big 7.

By singing this lyric, Burna Boy emphasizes the permanence of familial relationships and the permanence of a lifetime of dedication to one another. In his closest relationships, he stresses the importance of harmony and loyalty.


“Don’t like squares in my crew”- Big 7

Burna Boy uses wordplay to communicate his longing for sincere friendships in his music, displaying loyalty and camaraderie in his lyrics. The verse may be an indication that he prefers genuine people and frowns upon those who are insincere or superficial.


“Anytime that I pull up, I deliver” – Cheat On Me

Burna Boy exudes self-assurance in this line, demonstrating that he has faith in his artistic and musical abilities. He boasts in his music about producing first-rate work every time, emphasizing his confidence and desire to excel.


“Me, I dey feel pain, but I move forward and I switch lanes” –  I Told Them

The Afican gaint raps about his own personal struggles, including the anguish he has to endure and the mistakes he has made. In response, he states that nothing will be able to slow him down, and that he will instead swap lanes in order to get ahead.


“I’m a soldier, I know how to fight ” – If I’m Lying

The words give the impression that he is willing and able to fight for himself, his music, and the people that are important to him. In addition to this, the line makes a comment on his tenacity and self-reliance in the face of challenges.


“Cause I’m real to my skeleton (Real to my skeleton)” – Taliban 11

The unabashed and self-assured manner in which Burna Boy approaches music is reflected in the lyrics he has provided for this verse. He proudly proclaims that he is “real to his skeleton,” which indicates that he is true to himself and his artistic endeavors, all the way down to the very center of who he is as an AfroFusion musician and performer.


“If you insult my intelligence then I make the sparks fly like electrician” – Taliban 11

This serves as a warning to anyone who might question Burna Boy’s intelligence or underrate his abilities.  In this line, he  demonstrates his determination to retaliate forcefully against anyone who challenges or belittles him.


“My fall is unheard of, You never hear them say I fell off, fell off” – Thanks

The song “Thanks” by Burna Boy exudes a sense of indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve through its lyrics. Despite obstacles, he believes his progress is not measured by his past faults. This demonstrates even more clearly his will to proceed forward regardless of the challenges that lie in his path.


If you are seeking an album with the perfect mix of African and exoticism,  here you have it.

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