Kyle’s Top Ten Albums of the Year

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Top 10 Albums of 2009

These top ten album choices are based on how the album has performed on the charts thus far.  Each album is noteworthy for the production and song elements that they exhibit.

10 – Whitney Houston – I Look to You
Already platinum, “the Voice” returned to the spotlight after a seven year hiatus with eleven unique cuts speaking on life and love.

9 – Drake – So Far Gone
The N star turned rapper perfected the art of the mixtape making it a favorable entry into the top ten.

8 – The Dream – Love vs. Money
With a balance of club bangers and romantic cuts, Love vs. Money dominated the charts with the single “Rockin’ That Sh*t,” making the album, The Dream’s most concrete effort to date.

7 – Eminem – Relapse: Refill
This album was a cleverly composed comeback of sorts for the rapper.  While it may have fallen under the commercialized radar, it earns a place here for it’s “off the wallness” Eminem is known for.

6 – Raekwon – Only Built for Cuban Linx II
The Wu-Tang rapper returned to the hip hop scene after six years and crafted an album of street stories and project anthems.

5 – Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap
A smooth, laid back style was exhibited on this album.  The fifteen cuts exude chill.

4 – Wale – Attention Deficit
The DMVer superbly showcased his skill making a memorable mark on the rap game.

3 – Alicia Keys – The Element of Freedom
Strikingly pleasant, this album is rich in complexity giving music a different side of the singer, with the well known vocals we’ve all come to love.

2 – Trey Songz – Ready
The R&B singer proved with this one that he could go toe to toe with the best of them.  Ready is classic – period.

1 – Jay Z – The Blueprint 3
A cut above American Gangster, yet slightly below the original, Jay-Z proved that he is going nowhere and lent NYC an anthem to end all anthems.


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