Stronger withEach Tear – Mary J. Blige review

The present moment is the overarching theme of Mary J. Blige‘s ninth release, Stronger withEach Tear. Beginning with “Tonight,” Mary delves into her lower register as she sings about being happy in a relationship. “The One,” the album’s first single is a Darkchild conceived cut that resonates at a club frequency Mary has found success in. With a creative bar from Drake, “The One,” is a fast groove worth listening to again.

Mary J. Blige creates a simple stepper with “Good Love.” The uniqueness of trumpets whirring against a Stereotypes chic beat complements her fervor as she aches for a lover to give her superb loving. T.I. drops by on the track to dress it up with a noteworthy rhyme. “I Feel Good,” is another impassioned piece on Stronger withEach Tear. Norwegian giants, Stargate, reverberate a profound beat for Mary to sing over. It is one of Tear’s strongest tunes.

“I Am,” is another compelling Stargate produced cut. Engrossing with telling demand, Blige, applies voice resonance unseen since 1999’s Mary. It takes much stamina not to enjoy this intense and passionate song. “I Love You,” is an upbeat organization of drum loops and Blige’s memorable upper register that get lost in a tornado of percussion.

Blige uses testimonial penmanship on “Kitchen,” produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream. It is a warning signal to all women as Blige croons “never let a girl cook in your kitchen.” Blues and juke joint splendor are exhibited on “In the Morning.” The song is very expressive as Mary delivers the lyricism with brilliant magnitude. Stronger withEach Tear‘s ending point is “Color,” from the movie Precious. A solemn, yet hopeful tune allows Blige to tug on the heartstrings with heavy touches to the chorus “I can see in color.” Her ad-libs and numerous runs add gravity to the cut.

The songs on Stronger withEach Tear definitely resonate with Mary J.Blige as she imposes a more exposed sound than on previous projects. Blige noted that the album “represents who and what I am right now.” This collection is a notice of personal growth and Blige’s command of R&B music.

Stronger withEach Tear receives a PARL

Rating system
P …Horrible
PA …Tolerable
PAR …Good
PARL… Great
PARLÉ …Classic

Kyle’s Picks from Stronger withEach Tear
Mary J. Blige – I Am
Mary J. Blige – I Feel Good

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