Patrick Alvarez Young & Humane


 Nineteen year-old Patrick Alvarez is out to feed the needy in as many areas as possible. After being homeless himself he knows the value of a good meal and has decided to give as much as he can through his organization, Project Feed Me.

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The vision of Project Feed Me stems from Patrick Alvarez’s passionate drive to ensure families throughout Harlem and Syracuse, New York are fed. Project Feed Me began during Alvarez’s high school years while he was struggling living with his mother inciting a determination to give back to his community. The organization’s slogan Act Locally, Think Globally manifested from “something they were doing locally yet had so many factors that touched everyone around the world such as hunger and the lack of unity among nations; it was something that felt right,” adds Alvarez.

Project Feed Me’s donations come from various corporate sponsors, more so than individuals. Alvarez asks individuals more “for their time, than their money.” The food is cooked and prepared by the people who work for the project. The organization holds many events throughout the year in an effort to create exposure for them. One of the major events is the Turkey Dinner, which recently took place in November.


Alvarez’s Harlem focus is based on his family being in the area, while the Syracuse involvement is due to him being a student at Syracuse University. Alvarez hopes that Project Feed Me continues to receive the notoriety it has gained in the past from newspapers such as The New York Times and The New York Daily News. His aspirations for the future of the organization are to be “feeding double, even triple the amount of families currently being fed.”

Patrick Alvarez embodies a humane approach to the organization. He notes “that anything is possible. People have to understand that we have to stop restricting and placing limitations on our own selves.” Project Feed Me is a perfect example of his Samaritan motivation at work. Alvarez strongly expresses that “we have to have the hunger, the drive, the hustle to positively and constructively do things in our community.”

Patrick Alvarez can be reached on the website for Project Feed Me,